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The famed Pierre Hotel in Manhattan is an expensive place to spend the night. We were there for a recent business meeting and the basic nightly rate was $550. Happy the company paid for it, and we wouldn’t do it for the Pierre’s latest promotion.

Think Cher, Joan Rivers, Rosanne, Madonna, Mickey Rourke, Kenny Rogers, Tori Spelling, Hulk Hogan and others who’ve had their aging faces and other sagging body parts rebuilt. That’s what the Pierre is offering those who can afford booking such uplifting services.

Clients can now check in anonymously and get plastic surgery from high-priced Manhattan surgeons, and then spend some time in private, luxurious recovery. If you have to ask what the whole package costs, you can’t afford it. Anyhow, a price quote would only make your face fall in shock. For more information, go to tajhotels.com/pierre

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