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Recently, a woman flying Southwest from Los Angeles to Houston started painting her nails. Knowing the smell is sharp, she asked passenger around her if it was OK. All agreed, but not the flight attendant. There was a ruckus and the nail-painter was arrested when the flight landed.

Even if she didn’t offend anyone in-flight, there are others who do. We asked frequent flyers who are the worst five of the worst, and these were the results.

1. Seat back pusher: The inconsiderate person in front of you who suddenly tips the seat into your tender knees or loaded lunch tray.

2. Crying kid: Overtired and overwrought, the little angel in the seat next to you screams during the entire flight. Of course, the diaper doo just adds to your misery.

3. The 300-pounder: When this enormous anatomy plops down next to you and overflows into your seat, you know you’re in for a bumpy flight.

4. The great unwashed: Your seatmate is in obvious need of a bath and mouthwash, and the fragrance drifts over to your unwilling nostrils. Inevitably, the clothing and breath smells are enhanced because this is also a heavily addicted smoker.

5. The yakking seatmate: You settle down in your squeezed space to catch a few winks, listen to music or do some iPadding. The passenger next to you needs to hear your entire family and career history. Then, you’ll be obligated to listen to that person’s long, boring tale.

If you’re a frequent flyer, we’re sure you also have your own list of the worst of the worst passengers. Of course, you’re not one of them!

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