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Did you have to work during a recent holiday or personal vacation day? The boss insisted you were needed, so as a loyal employee, you gave away your free time to get it done right and on schedule.

However, were you required do it several times this year so far? And, as previously, will you find at the end of the year that those vacation days are lost and there’s no compensation nor carry-over to next year. If that’s your case, get smart!

Before you agree to do that extra assignment for the job either at work or at home, negotiate to get fair payment or make-up vacation days. According to a CNN Money report, last year French workers got 37 vacation days, and used 35. In England it was 28 days off with 25 actually taken. The average American worker earned a mere 18 vacation days last year, but only used 14.

If those stats were computed as four days’ income, the American worker’s loss averaged about $500. This could be money for a family travel weekend vacation to a beach resort, a mountain camping trip or several backyard leisure day barbecues.

Next time you’re required to work on holidays or vacation days, be sure you get compensated for them!

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