Disney Parks Now Welcome Canine Family Members

When you next visit the world-famous fun places based on the antics of a mouse, you’ll be permitted to bring your dog to join in on the fun.

Be aware that there are extra charges for the furry guests in the parks, as well as when you stay at an on-site Disney hotel. When booking a hotel room, checking all fees, including the Pluto Welcome Kit. It contains a mat, several bowls, ID tag and other helpful items.

Hotel room free if you agree to perform on camera PDF Print E-mail

Romeo and Juliet

Looking for willing Romeos and Juliets

Many of our senior readers may not admit it, but can clearly remember GI nights when they got lucky and checked into hotel rooms. It could have been after a quickie wedding before going overseas, or just a one-night stand. All they had to worry about then was the house detective. Now, instead of some struggles in the dark, couples in hotel rooms can star in well-lighted video performances.

A guy who has made millions in porn products claims he’s negotiating to buy and design hotels to make the guest rooms into settings for his future movies. He says he’ll offer free rooms, booze and dinner to all couples who agree to have their bedroom antics videotaped. Then, after the movies are produced, they and millions of others will be able to watch the performance on a subscription website.

So, next time you’re in Vegas and rent one of those hotel suites with mirrors in the ceiling, you may want to look for a little camera lens peeking down at you.

Ancient Irish site resembles England's Stonehenge PDF Print E-mail

Ireland's Stonehenge

This prehistoric monument that served as a primitive space and calendar observatory, is estimated to be as old as 6,000 years. It’s located in Newgrange, County Heath, Ireland. If you look at the sun through the stone openings at a certain time of the day, it could  tell you when Happy Hour begins.

England: Tower Bridge, London PDF Print E-mail

Tower Bridge, London

This isn’t the London Bridge that’s always falling down in nursery rhymes. That one was actually taken down, block by block, shipped across the Atlantic to Arizona. It was reassembled in 1971, and now spans the Colorado River in Lake Havasu.

The Tower Bridge was built in 1894 and spans the Thames River, connecting the Borough of Southwark with downtown London. The lower ramp raises to allow large ships to pass through.

Florida: Torch Cafe's delish dish delight! PDF Print E-mail


If you think airport screening is the only thing these days that's all about nudity, stop in for lunch at Torch Bistro, Sushi and Marine Bar in Punta Gorda Florida. The resort town is just up the state’s west coast from Fort Myers.

When you go to the sushi buffet table, you’ll find a nearly nude young woman lying there. In addition to filling your eyes, you can fill your plate with Asian food bits that are placed on her arms, legs and torso at various ladylike spots. Customers love the idea, especially the guys.

Apparently, there’s nothing illegal about the food-on-babe presentation. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation inspected the set-up and has no objection, as long as “all food contact surfaces be smooth and easily cleaned." Actually, the edible food doesn’t touch the girl’s body, because each piece is presented on a leat or seaweed plate.

So, next time you’re going through security at the airport, glue some food pieces on your vital parts and offer those groping screeners a bite.

Pompeii gladiator barracks crumbles after 2,000 years PDF Print E-mail

Roman gladiators

We were in Pompeii last year and marveled about how the care and excavation by the Italian government had returned this ancient Roman city back to almost as it was when the volcano struck. The streets, houses, baths, taverns and everything else were still standing. Now one of the most interesting is no more.

The Schola Armaturarum, school and barracks for the gladiators was well worth the visit. The frescoes on the walls clearly showed how the guys were trained to fight their battles in the arenas, and also portrayed their various battle unit symbols. It reminded visiting ex-GIs of basic training or Navy/Marine boot camp. It wasn’t much different than today’s service schools, except maybe that our guys are trained to fight to live, while ancient gladiators were mostly destined to die in the arena.

If your travels take you to Naples, Italy, be sure to sign up for spending at least a couple of hours in Pompeii. You never know when the rest of the town will collapse if old Mount Vesuvius gets angry again.


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