Solar Impulse 2: Will Sky-Sailing Ever Go Commercial?

The experimental aircraft recently completed of round-the-world flight. It was propelled strictly by the sun’s power, with no need for fossil or other types of today's expensive and volatile fuel.

While solar-powered commercial aircraft are still decades into the future, consider the advantages when it happens. With no dependence on the price-manipulated oil industry, passenger fees should be considerably lower.

Aboard the quiet aircraft, the experience will feel like a sailing schooner in the sky, with the design of a luxury cruise ship. The interior will be roomy for strolling passengers and gatherings, rather than today’s required stuffing everyone into a tight seat during flight. 

On its around-the-world journey, Solar Impulse 2 flew at a speed of 35 mph, about 10 mph faster than the average cruise ship. As with ocean-going vessels, the aircraft will also be be affected by winds and weather. www.bbc.com/news/science-environment

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Cruising can be a whole new and exciting life experience
If you’ve never been on a cruise before, and have been asked or talked into sailing on your first one, many thoughts will go through your mind. For the first-time sailor, there are the typical fears based on myths we’ve all heard before. Most are mere rumors, old wives’ (and old husbands’) tales, To put your mind at ease, you should examine each one.

1. You’ll suffer from seasickness: This is an old myth that may have been true for passengers on the Mayflower. On modern cruise ships, even in high seas, there are stabilizers that tightly regulate the ships’ movements. You’ll feel about as much shaking as you’d experience in a luxury car on a smooth highway. Actually, you’ll probably find the gentle motions of the ship will lull you to peaceful sleep in your cabin at night.


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