Disney Cruise Line: Adults In Shorts At Dinner OK

If you’re Disney cruising with grandkids or other little ones this season, now you can be as informal as Mickey while eating onboard with them. Until now, wearing shorts by adult passengers has been banned at evening meals in Disney ships' dining rooms.

What to do if grandkids misbehave at Grand Canyon AZ PDF Print E-mail

Kids at Grand Canyon

Just kidding, of course. These two clever kids found a spot that only looks dangerous for the photo. In reality, there are potential falling hazards when touring close to the Grand Canyon's North or South Rims. Be sure to keep kids near at all times, and for little ones age four and under, hold firmly by the hand.

And you thought your bags were delayed on that last flight PDF Print E-mail


USA Today and the New York Times reported that the passengers who survived that belly-flop Flight 1549 US Air landing in the Hudson River in January will finally get their luggage delivered to them.

Nearly five months later, but considering what could have happened to them, the passengers are just happy to have their clothing and other personal items back again. Additionally, they’re getting a lot more than just some soggy socks, drenched dresses and water-logged luggage. US Air and its insurance company, to get off the hook from possible legal actions, have offered each passenger $10,000.

Disney to build hotel-resort near Washington, D.C. PDF Print E-mail

According to USA Today and the Washington Post, Disney will put up a 500-room hotel resort near Washington D.C. within the next year or two. About 15 years ago, Disney attempted to get permission to build a big theme park in nearby Virginia. However, because it could possibly disturb some Civil War battlefields, the request was turned down.

A Disney official said the new hotel will be "a family-friendly base camp, from which visitors from around the world can explore the stirring sights and inspirational stories of our nation's capital." Although the new Disney venture won’t have any of the familiar Disney features, we have suggestions for Washington- and government-themed attractions to draw in those world travelers.

Lest We Forget PDF Print E-mail
Memorial Day is for honoring those who have served and still serve today in all American wars. It’s a day to take a moment to reflect on those brave men and women who fought and died so we can live in freedom. Enjoy the holiday, and while you’re with your family, think of our veterans, brave friends and loved ones who are no longer with us.
Do you want your privacy (and privates) exposed to airport X-rays? PDF Print E-mail

Airport X-ray

Do you want to bare it all the next time you fly? A new security X-ray device, called the Backscatter, was recently installed in Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Much more sensitive than all previous scanners, it shows security screeners an almost naked X-ray image of your entire body. The device has since been installed in other airports throughout the US.

There have been many complaints since the device was used in tests, primarily because the X-ray image was too graphic for some sensibilities. Now, according to Sky Harbor officials, the image views have been "adjusted" to show less than the nude image. What will they do ... use fig leaves?


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