Some Foreign Airlines Offer Volunteer Stopover Deals

For example, book a flight on Norwegian Air, with the destination of Paris. The schedule includes a stop in Oslo. Normally, you’d stay on the plane for the hour or so it takes other travelers to exit and enter.

However, suppose the airline offered you a free night at an Oslo hotel, dinner and other goodies worth several hundred dollars? That’s the trend these days for some foreign airlines to get you to spend time and money in their home city. Would you, a senior with no particular reason to hurry, add a free day or two to the journey? When booking your next overseas flight with a stopover, ask if the airline offers this attractive freebee.

Spain: New law bans smoking inside public places PDF Print E-mail


Smoke-filled cafes are no longer the norm for Spain. You can still puff away while sitting outside at cafes or walking on the stradas, but it could cost you mucho pesos if you light up inside. This new law applies to bars, cafes, restaurants, hotel rooms and many business establishments.

Smoking tourists will also see the same kinds of smoking bans at public places in Britain, France, Italy and other European countries.

Tue/Wed flights best for air bargains PDF Print E-mail

Airplane $$$

If you have any flexibility in making flight plans, learn this little golden rule. According to travel experts and frequent flyers, the best days to get the best prices narrows down to exactly 3 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Airlines typically release their sales specials on that day, and let them expire 48 hours later. Late Wednesday night flights are usually the cheapest. Make reservations by phone and you’ll avoid an extra charge for computer-processed the reservation. Ordering your ticket by computer for Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon flights usually means you’ll pay the highest fare in effect throughout the week.

When starting to consider flight plans, keep your nose to the computer for airline schedule postings on those days when bargains are hot. If that isn’t convenient, ask your friendly neighborhood travel agent to keep checking for you. You’ll pay a commission , but it’ll be worth it if you get the very best price for your flight.

Leaning Tower and Cathedral, Pisa, Italy PDF Print E-mail

Tower of Pisa

Did you know the tower construction started in the year 1173? The unusual landmark has become a famous tourist destination, especially for taking photos from all angles. There are 294 spiral steps to the bells at the top. In 1944 World War II combat in the area, American GIs were ordered to destroy all towers to get rid of German snipers. However, the Tower of Pisa was spared as the fighting moved on elsewhere.

San Francisco: Always a great winter travel destination PDF Print E-mail

San Francisco CA

...and at any other time of the year, too!

Destination spotlight: Porto, Portugal PDF Print E-mail

Porto, Portugal

The scenic city is built into the granite cliffs over the river Douro.


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