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All right, we admit it. Seniors are forgetful. After we stuff our suitcases and check out of our hotel room, there seems to always be something we’ve left behind. Cellphone, laptop, dentures, socks, wristwatch, ring, favorite pair of slacks, important papers and so on.

Fear not! Everything will get back to you. More and more hotels now have chargerback.com, a website that quickly matches lost items with owners. When a hotel employee finds a left-behind doodad, it’s description and guest information is entered on the website form.

Guests who report matching descriptions on the website can zero in on the lost items. They can then pick them up on their next visit or pay a shipping and handling fee of about $10 to get them back through the mail. Of course, if you forgetfully (or deliberately) leave your traveling companion behind, that requires an entirely different set of rules.

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