United: One Carry-On Per Cheap Seat Passenger

You climb aboard, find your economy seat, then try to stash a bag in the overhead. Too late. All filled up. You attempt to tuck it under your seat, but the guy next to you already has all the space filled with several of his bloated carry-ons.

To help ease the stashing problems on future flights, United Continental now limits passengers in lowest cost seats to one carry-on and one under-seat each. Further restrictions on larger bags will not allow them in the overhead bins, and require them to be checked before flights.

Should We Bring Little Kids to Our Vegas Anniversary Celebration? PDF Print E-mail

Q: We’re going to Las Vegas in a couple of months to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Good idea, because I haven’t been there in five years, and look forward to the shows, blackjack, slots, buffets and all the other adult glitz. Trouble is my husband wants to make it a family celebration, and invited our kids and six grandkids. I objected, and now everyone’s mad at me. How can I make peace in the family, but still have my Vegas vacation?

Las Vegas at night

A: Do a split screen scene. That means, in a loving way, tell your hubby you desire the time in Vegas to be just the two of you alone in a hotel suite with all the romantic trimmings. However, emphasize that you also very much want to celebrate your 35th surrounded by your loving kids and grandkids. Suggest a site to do the family gathering on a different date in your hometown or wherever most convenient to all. But insist the Vegas tryst is just for the two of you seasoned lovebirds.


Senior Sojourn: Great Spring Travel Destinations in Great Britain PDF Print E-mail

O, to be in England now that April's there. Poet Robert Browning wrote it a century or more ago, and it’s still valid for the springtime senior traveler. Since our retirement, we have made frequent pilgrimages to the British Isles, where we visited many areas of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. On several occasions, we've roamed London for several days, then embarked from Dover to visit France and other parts of Europe. But we’ve always considered journeys through the British Isles our favorites, and return again and again.

Senior Traveler: Top 10 Free Places to Enjoy Doing Absolutely Nothing PDF Print E-mail
Boy at Grand Canyon
Old West Still Happening in Tucson AZ PDF Print E-mail
Stagecoach demonstration in Old Tucson AZ submit to reddit
Should I Take My Tux on a Singles Cruise? PDF Print E-mail


Q: I’m going on my first cruise since my wife passed away five years ago. We sailed together at least once a year through the 80s and 90s. This will be a senior singles cruise and I’m a bit confused. I’ve been told that passengers can wear anything they want, and it isn’t necessary to dress up. When my wife and I cruised, we always took good clothing, and on at least one night, we wore formal clothing. Just to satisfy myself, should I take my tux on this upcoming cruise?


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