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All right; admit it! Many of our senior readers then in uniform sought wartime romance and/or overnight companionship when off duty. Later, when working careers required travelling alone, they continued their wandering ways. Although it wasn’t flaunted as it is today by Hollywood and reality TV, way back then no-tell-motel trysts were just as popular.

The rented romps in those days were considered naughty, even illegal, and many hotels had house detectives to keep everything kosher. However, determined couples always managed to get together for nature’s most natural activity.

A USA Today story recently cited one Manhattan hotel that actually encourages such goings-on. It’s the Flatiron Hotel (www.flatironhotel.com), which charges from $145 to rent a room for up to four hours during the day.

The manager now even boasts that the quick... er... er... turnover permits the hotel to make more money than when renting rooms for the traditional 24 hours at similar prices. Figure the math: $145 x 4 is much more profitable than $145 x 1. 

For more information about how ... er ....er... widespread this practice is, go to dayuse-hotels.com

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