Emotional Support Dog Injures Child On Southwest Flight

That’s what the news headlines blare out. What may have actually happened was when the dog was already seated. Then, in the crowded aisle, the passing child was pushed, and his brow got too close to the dog’s open panting mouth. The result was dog teeth scratches.

Of course, depending on opposing lawyers’ statements, either the nervous dog deliberately bit the child or it was all an unfortunate accident by the innocent canine. Some sane advice for senior flyers from your travel4seniors.com editor: Don’t try to pet strange dogs.

Several months ago, I was walking by a costume party scene. The people were standing on the sidewalk outside a restaurant. Their large pit bull terrier was dressed as a clown, complete with tasseled hat. When I reached to pet the dog, he clamped his sharp teeth down hard on my hand. The golf ball-sized wound required a dozen stitches, bandages, three painful weeks and all kinds of antibiotics. Did I mention you shouldn’t pet nor pass too close to strange dogs, especially big ones with big teeth?

Tip: What to do when a passenger flips out near you? PDF Print E-mail

Cartoon of angry man

Flying on commercial airlines seems to be getting more stressful all the time. Name any complaint and every passenger these days can gripe about a personal occasion when it happened.

However, there are times when passengers go beyond angripes, and actually put themselves and others in danger by losing control. Something makes people to snap in flight, and we seem to see about it in the news almost every day.

Recently   cite example an unruly passenger on a flight bound for Amsterdam forced pilots to return the plane to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport shortly after take-off.

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Ghent, Belgium

Norwegian Cruise Line lines up faux superstars PDF Print E-mail

Marilyn Monroe

Straight from Vegas, Norwegian Cruise Line offers theater performances from very familiar looking faces.  The Legends in Concert show from Sin City sends troupes of performers aboard the brand-new Epic to highlight upcoming cruises.

Hey, isn’t that Marilyn Monroe, Brittany Spears, Ron Stewart, and Michael Jackson all up there on stage? Not actually, of course. They’re look-alike performers who sing, dance and speak like the originals.

Along with the look-alikes and also going to sea directly from Vegas to the Epic is the popular Blue Man Group. Those guys perform exciting percussion and special effects routines with faces painted a sea sky hue. For passengers who prefer comedy, the venerable Second City players, originally from Chicago and stars of many popular TV humor shows, will also be featured on the Epic.

For the kids aboard and those who are still kids at heart, an offshoot of the Las Vegas Cirque de Soleil, called Cirque Dreams, will do their daring arobatics specialties.    

For more information and to make reservations, check with your favorite online, hometown travel agency or NCL.com.

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Stripper and First Lady

A rare early 1940s photo was recently found among artifacts from the collection of the soon-to-close Liberace museum in Las Vegas (more on that later). The photo shows then-First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt having a smiling chat with Lili St. Cyr, one of the most popular strippers of the time. Wonder what they were talking about? Politics? Fashions? Since both were tireless USO travelers who frequently visited U.S. troops in combat areas during World War II, do you think Lili was saying, "Mrs. Roosevelt, have I got some really great outfits you can wear for the GIs during your next USO trip!"

This is the way we wash our hands .... or not PDF Print E-mail

hand wash

When interviewed by researchers, almost 99 percent of all travelers insisted they washed their hands after visits to public bathrooms. When the researchers then did some spying on several thousand people, the actual percentage was 77 percent of men and 93 percent of women why actually did wash.

Even those real statistics are encouraging and better than statistics of ten years ago. However, the dangers of unwashed hands still cause problems. There are ever-present reasons to wash your hands everywhere you travel. The most evident is that whenever anyone washes hands in a men's room, he can expect that one of four others didn't.

In airports, train stations and restaurants, it’s essential that you wash your hands frequently, especially just before you sit down to eat a meal. Aboard cruise ships, many of the stomach disorders that occur are not from bad food nor heavy seas. They’re because people go to meals after walking along the deck holding on to the railings, bulkheads, bathroom doors or other exposed parts of the ship. Then they eat without first washing their hands.


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