Venice, Italy: Don’t Feed The $%#@ Piazza Pigeons!

When we were in the beautiful city on one of our enjoyable visits several years ago, we could see many tourists taking photos while their heads and shoulders were covered with flapping pigeons. There were vendors all around the crowded gathering place of Piazza San Marco selling little cups of feed for the tourists to use in attracting the birds.

Those typical Piazza scenes won’t be happening any more. The city fathers of Venice have determined that the messy birds leave too much of what pigeons always do throughout the Piazza, and on many people’s heads and clothing. The new law bans vendors from selling pigeon feed on the Piazza and forbids everyone from feeding the messy birds there.

Turbulence Tips: How to Deal With Bumpy Flights PDF Print E-mail
"Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night!" The famed line is from "All About Eve," spoken in her gritty style by the great Bette Davis. Of course, she wasn't talking about airplane flights, but more likely commenting on some flighty Hollywood love triangle.

Tips to get a great hotel room when checking in PDF Print E-mail

Here's a great tip to get that primo hotel room.  When checking in, after you've been assigned a room, tell the clerk:

Tips For Single Travelers Looking For Romance PDF Print E-mail
First, stop trying to meet the love of your life on that big blinking box in front of you. Too many online singles claims, bios and pix are phony, anyhow. To mingle with single seniors, you have to lift your lonely butt off your chair and get into real-life action!
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Check that passport. Most international destinations require you have at least six months before you passport expires. Check as soon as possible as wait times can exceed 2 months.

passport pic


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