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AirAsia has started a program to relieve some economy passengers of having to deal with little children fussing and crying in seats next to them on long-haul flights.

The adults-only sections of eight rows in economy class near the front of the aircraft will be for AirAsia X schedules including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal.

Peaceful flights in sections without kids under age 13 will have an extra price add-on that ranges from $11 to $35.50. Passengers who pay for the privilege to be in the Quiet Zone will have softer lighting and more legroom.

However, experienced fliers in the cushy seats can’t be guaranteed that some of the more frisky, aisle-roaming young passengers won’t invade their peaceful section. If you’re planning to fly to the Far East or need more information about the airline, go to airasia.com.my

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