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Q: We’re celebrating my retirement with a week in Las Vegas. We’re New Yorkers and are accustomed to high-priced hotels there, but happily even the most luxurious hotel rooms in Vegas are great bargains.

However, when we wanted to book entertainment, ticket prices were ridiculously high. They’re as expensive as Broadway, most priced at $100 or more. When buying show tickets in New York, we look for the “twofer” booths for half-price tickets. Are there such places in Vegas? Fran, Astoria LI NY

A: The smart visitor never pays retail price quotes for Vegas show tickets. Here’s how you can do it. First, when you check in at your hotel, ask about discount tickets for that night. They are usually available to guests, sometimes for free. And, yes, there are also twofer ticket booths at various locations in Vegas, as well as websites tix4tonight.com and BestofVegas.com Another idea is to check out less flashy and more reasonably priced Vegas entertainment. There are many choices, including stand-up comedy, dinner shows, musical reviews, magicians, animal acts and piano bars. They can be as much fun as a sit-down theater performance, and often more so.

Finally, if you’re into roaming around at night, there are many absolutely free entertainment locations, such as the Fremont Street Experience, Dancing Waters at Bellagio, Sexy Piratesses at Treasure Island, the Mirage volcano and white tigers, high-wire performers at Circus Circus and many, many others.

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