How to meet someone new on your travels PDF Print E-mail

Some seniors may be confusing TRAVEL55PLUS with eHarmony or Ann Landers, because we’ve been getting some travel questions we had never expected. Becuase we are a service for senior travelers, we’ve also become a resource for world travelers with very personal questions. And many of them are about love, amour, amore, liebe, rabu and lyubof.

Maybe the kind of questions we get are because many now-older American women are veterans of the battles for equality back in the 1950s and 1960s. They’ve had significant careers, and now financially independent, they travel when and where they choose. Many are widowed or divorced, and like single (or pretending to be single) male travelers, they’re seeking companionship adventures.

Looking For Romance on the High Seas? PDF Print E-mail

We get frequent letters from single seniors who’ve done a lot of cruises with friends and families. We’ve been a bit surprised that so many, especially from women, ask about spicing up their next ocean voyage by sharing it with someone new and romantic.

If you’re in this situation, try the internet. Cyberspace isn’t just for kids meeting other kids. There are scads of websites that encourage seniors to meet seniors, and as eHarmony and other online dating ads always claim, you can find someone, somewhere to match your own common interests. And just maybe, your romantic fantasies.

Senior Gamblers: Top Ten Reasons Why Nevada Is Your Best Destination PDF Print E-mail

1. In Atlantic City, beach sand keeps getting into the slot machines and your shorts.
2. Native American casinos are still mad at you from when you were a kid and screamed for William S. Hart, Hoot Gibson, Roy Rogers, Tom Mix and John Wayne to make them redskins bite the dust.
3. To be admitted to a Louisiana riverboat casino, you must first lift that barge and tote that bale.
4. They don’t speak understandable English in Monte Carlo casinos.
5. They don’t speak understandable English in London casinos.

Senior Travelers: What You Need to Know About Insurance PDF Print E-mail

When we first started wandering and cruising the world after retirement, one of our first worries was about travel insurance. After a 25-year career of writing speeches, ads and sales promotion campaigns for a major insurance company, I was well aware of the need for anticipating the expected and unexpected on the road.

As we booked our first cruise, while the travel agent was adding up the many expenses involved, she just mentioned casually, "And, of course, you'll need our comprehensive travel health insurance. That'll be another $250. (long pause) Each."

Springtime is military reunion time. Will you attend yours? PDF Print E-mail

Do you miss the old gang? Do you want to spend some moments again with them to relive old times? If so, now’s the season to plan to attend that big annual reunion you’ve thought of going to for too many past years, but never did.

Were you a GI, swabbie, gyrene, WAC, WAVE, SPAR, WAF, CPO, flyboy, MP, SP, LT, EM3, SFC or anyone else who has served in the US, UK, Iwo, Inchon, China Beach, Okie, Iraq, Ketchican, Afghanistan, Kahsakstan or with a PVT name Stan? If so, maybe you’d like to see how the years have treated others from your old unit.

You know your old shipmates, squadron pals and foxhole friends are not getting any younger, and neither are you. For more complete information, contact people in your old unit who do the annual planning. Or go to listings on your internet under 2009 military reunions.

Here are just a slight sprinkling of the hundreds planned for upcoming months:


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