Senior Dining: Can You Get Jail Time For Doggie Bagging? PDF Print E-mail

We cheat at casinos, especially in Las Vegas. We don’t commit sin with money in Sin City, just the crime of doggie bagging. As frequent diners there and at casino buffets elsewhere, we’ve developed food filching into a fine art. No arrests yet, but considering the Mafia history of Vegas, we could be risking broken kneecaps or worse, anonymous burial plots in the desert. After all, didn’t the Mob off Bugsie for stealng?

At bit of history that led to our criminal ways. As retirees, our primary travel spot has become Las Vegas, because it’s one quick hour’s flight away. In our first active retirement years, we went all over the world ... England, France, Russia, Italy, South America, Alaska, Hawaii and many more exotic lands. It was great fun while it lasted. While WE lasted.

Travel Tips: Set your budget and stick to it! PDF Print E-mail

While grocery shopping at home, we carefully collect our stack of coupons and drive all over town to different stores to save pennies. However, whenever we go on a cruise, a foreign tour or to Las Vegas, we think nothing of shelling out $100 for dinner at a posh restaurant or betting $20 a hand at the blackjack table.

When taking a trip, it’s easy to get into the anything-goes gambler mood and toss caution and money out the window. The excuse is: let’s have fun now, and worry about budgets when we get home. The travel industry, exemplified by Las Vegas, always sets the scene for unlimited tourist spending. The mood is contagious when on vacation, but there are ways to fight it.

Travel Tips: Make your vacation photos memorable PDF Print E-mail

As a old-time travel photographer who used to lug around all the heavy equipment, I envy travelers today who can get the same or better results with just one little digital still or video camera. And add more envy because you see proofs of your shots immediately, and no longer need to take your film in and wait for it to be processed.

And then, if you once did your own processing, instead of hours in a smelly darkroom, you just look at the little images on your computer screen, scan and edit, and let your desktop printer do the job in minutes.

Google Maps Are Free For Frugal Highway Travelers PDF Print E-mail

With spring and summer road trips approaching, here’s a suggestion and it won’t cost you a penny. If your car isn’t equipped with one of those little GPS gizmos, or even if you do have one, take along your laptop and a fantastic, free online service called Google Maps.

In the old days of trips in your dad’s 1955 Fairlane Crown Victoria, the kind of information Google now gives you instantly on command in your laptop would have required dozens of maps and geography books. Maybe even a Sherpa guide and pack of bloodhounds.

Should We Explore All of Our Country Before Going Abroad? PDF Print E-mail

Actually, the question has no pat answer. There’s certainly no lack of for and against opinions on this, but no real right or wrong way to go. Each of us must make up our own mind. However, for various reasons, I advocate Americans should explore their own country before venturing overseas.

Considering the unsettled international situation today, the widespread violence and America's somewhat crumbling standing throughout the world, those aspects alone should make any American think twice before venturing overseas. Here in America there are unlimited opportunities for safe and enjoyable travel, whether you're a backpacker on a limited budget to a luxury vacationer with an unlimited bankroll.


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