Five Tips For Enjoying Your Next Cruise PDF Print E-mail

We've been on a dozen or so cruises since our retirement, and have some suggestions on how to do it more comfortably and economically. You may not agree with our opinions, but we enjoy our cruises much more by following these rules:

1. Travel lite. After the second or third cruise, we stopped dragging suitcases and needing to check them everywhere we went. We each take a wheeled carry-on bag, sometimes adding a knapsack, and never again check anything. Suitcases on flights and cruises must be checked, and now airlines are charging extra for them. Also, the waiting and wondering everywhere if you’ll ever see your suitcase again just adds to the the stress. Also, on several occasions, we felt sad for fellow cruise passengers who’d lost luggage on flights and had to buy entirely new outfits on board.

How To Fight Back Against Those Nasty Little In-Flight Bugs PDF Print E-mail

Springtime flying can be the most troublesome of all. No, not from pilots setting the plane down in the Hudson River. It’s getting germs from fellow passengers and from the recycled air flowing throughout the cabin.

How do you keep at least some of those little unseen bugs from getting at you on a flight? You've gotta be kidding. Just ask anyone who has flown from New York to London or similar hours-long air journey squeezed into a five-across row of sardine-can sized seats. They'll know that Murphy's Law always kicks in for the haplessly trapped until-then healthy flyer.

Five Free Things You Can Do In London, England PDF Print E-mail

While in London, your not-too-upscale hotel could cost you 400 U.S. dollars a night and restaurant meals may go for a mere $70 each. You’ll then believe there’s nothing you can do in the old town that doesn’t cost you a bundle of money. Maybe not.

1. If you’ll be traveling to London, you’ll be happy to know there are many things you can do there that won’t cost you a ha’penny. If you’re tired of TV reality shows, boring movies and bad news from Wall Street, walk over to Hyde Park, a beautiful patch of green in the middle of the bustling city.

Find a comfortable bench near Speakers’ Corner, and soon you’ll see some free live entertainment. You may not agree with what the guy up on the soapbox is saying, but you can either sit back and enjoy it, or get up and add your two cents of opinion.

How to meet someone new on your travels PDF Print E-mail

Some seniors may be confusing TRAVEL55PLUS with eHarmony or Ann Landers, because we’ve been getting some travel questions we had never expected. Becuase we are a service for senior travelers, we’ve also become a resource for world travelers with very personal questions. And many of them are about love, amour, amore, liebe, rabu and lyubof.

Maybe the kind of questions we get are because many now-older American women are veterans of the battles for equality back in the 1950s and 1960s. They’ve had significant careers, and now financially independent, they travel when and where they choose. Many are widowed or divorced, and like single (or pretending to be single) male travelers, they’re seeking companionship adventures.

Looking For Romance on the High Seas? PDF Print E-mail

We get frequent letters from single seniors who’ve done a lot of cruises with friends and families. We’ve been a bit surprised that so many, especially from women, ask about spicing up their next ocean voyage by sharing it with someone new and romantic.

If you’re in this situation, try the internet. Cyberspace isn’t just for kids meeting other kids. There are scads of websites that encourage seniors to meet seniors, and as eHarmony and other online dating ads always claim, you can find someone, somewhere to match your own common interests. And just maybe, your romantic fantasies.


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