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Top10links, a website that specializes in rating various businesses, including online services, recently listed its choices of the best online travel agencies. They’re rankings were:
1. Expedia
2. Priceline
3. Hotwire
4. Cheap Tickets
5. Orbitz
6. Travelocity
7. OneTravel
8. Places To Stay
9. Travel Now
10. Lowestfare

Travel55plus somewhat agrees with the ratings, maybe with a leapfrog or two in ranking, but all of the agencies are hotly competing for senior travel business. With air, cruise and hotel prices at their lowest level in years, savvy seniors can surf the internet to find the very best bargains.

Before you book your next travel plans, check with your favorite online agency and you’ll be happy and surprised with the great deals you’ll find.Sailors on watch
Travel Humor: How to Sleep & Eat in Manhattan For Free! PDF Print E-mail

Psst, do ya wanna have fun in Manhattan without spending a cent? And if you do it right, you may actually make money. First, a change in costume is required. You've heard all the experts advising dress for success. Well, for a free happy time in the Big Apple, you must dress for failure. With the nation’s economy in a tailspin these days, maybe it won’t be so difficult to do for many of we stock-market-crashed seniors.

If you’re a senior guy, put away that neat suit and tie. If you’re a lady of a certain maturity, go to a charity store and choose the most ragged, over-sized, baggy clothing you can get, including a large fedora hat or cap. If everything’s tattered, torn and unwashed, so much the better. Additionally, if your senior face, hair and other features look tattered and worn, that would be perfect.

Ten Tips: Travel With Friends Without Making Them Enemies PDF Print E-mail

We recently went on a road trip with neighbors. We’d been casual friends, but had never done anything together except for a casual dinner night out. This was a one-week journey to a national park. We agreed to pay for gasoline and our neighbors did the driving in their car.

Everything went well the first day until we arrived at the hotel desk to check in. The clerk said our reservations were for the next day, and she wasn’t sure she could find us rooms for the night. Before she could say another word, our neighbors went into a loud fit of complaints and threats. Despite the fact that she showed us the computer print out proving we had arrived a day early, our neighbors kept up their harangue.

We were struck speechless at such unnecessary anger. The clerk seemed to weather the storm and clicked keys on her computer. She hushed the complainers by saying she had two rooms available, not in the main hotel, but in a cabin area a few minutes’ hike away. We were all tired, and our neighbors seemed to quiet down a bit.

Simple Exercises Can Prevent Cramps and Clots on Long Flights PDF Print E-mail
You don’t have to be a senior to suffer those painful Charley horses while jammed into an aircraft seat for those six- or eight-hour flights. I first got them as a teenager as a member of the school swim team. I can remember once being in a movie theater, with seats in the row in front of me just as close as they are on airplanes.

When the cramps hit in both legs, I could only try to stand and stamp my feet, while screaming in agony. Of course, people around me didn’t appreciate the interruption to John Wayne’s latest battle against the bad guys.
OK, So The Economy Is Lousy. So Now's The Time To Travel PDF Print E-mail

It sounds a bit crazy to encourage seniors to travel this spring, because the economy may sink to its worse shape since the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939. But our theory is based on what an old general once said: "The enemy is at my rear, pressing my right flank and closing in on my left. The situation is desperate, so I shall attack immediately!"

The situation is similar today, and the tendency is for us to fearfully hunker down and cut back on all kinds of spending. We don't realize that all that inaction will do is make the situation worse. We, especially seniors who were poor kids during the Great Depression, and have seen many ups and downs in the economy ever since, should be the first to break away from the pack.


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