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We returned recently from a cruise to various cities on the Baja coast of Western Mexico. Everything went well on the beautiful ship, with great accommodations, food (no one got sick!), entertainment, casino, shore visits and all. However, boarding and unboarding the Royal Caribbean ship at the different Mexican ports was a royal pain in the butt.

Of course, tight security is necessary, but all the passport hassles requiring long lines were time-consuming and took away from the sense of freedom and enjoyment of the cruise. So, when you travel to foreign countries these days, expect the delays, but don’t make them any worse by ignoring passport requirements.

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Your feet are tired and you’re loaded down with tourist stuff you bought from the street stands. You look around the strange city and realize you are totally lost. So, you hail a taxi. That should be easy, except there are different ways to get a taxi in many cities. Do you whistle and hold up your hand to flag a cab? Do you yell out the word, “Taxi?” Or do you just stand there, loaded down with packages, and hope a cabbie will notice you?

Generally, cab prices will be offered in one of two ways: by meter or by fixed price. If by meter, make sure when you enter the cab, the meter is on zero or at the fixed start-up price of the equivalent of one or two U.S. dollars. If the meter is higher, it is because the cabbie has left it on from a previous passenger, hoping you won’t notice.

When visiting Valley Forge, check out historic b&bs PDF Print E-mail

After the disastrous defeat in Germantown in October 1777, General Washington marched his troops northwest 25 miles to the woods behind Valley Forge. There they barely endured the winter, but eventually defeated the British to gain independence for the new United States.

If your travels take you to historic Valley Force, there are some quaint bed and breakfasts you may want to visit. Their daily rates run from about $100-$150 a night, and usually include a full, healthy breakfast made with fresh, local ingredients. Before you make your plans to visit the area, check for scheduled authentic re-enactments of Revolutionary War battles at various sites around the Philadelphia area.

Cruise ship emergency drills PDF Print E-mail

Whenever you board a cruise ship, just as you’re getting settled in your cabin on the first day, all kinds of bells and whistles go off. If it doesn’t scare the hell out of you, you’ll quickly realize that disaster drills are required at the start of all cruise sailings.

Cruise prices sail up and down for many reasons PDF Print E-mail

According to USA Today and the Associated Press, ticket costs were at their lowest at the end of June of this year. Then, for the next two months, the prices are expected to rise along with demand during the heaviest summer vacation travel period.

The best airfare bargains, especially for seniors and retirees not restricted by work schedules, are from mid-September to early November. Then the prices spike again for year-end holiday travel. The same seasonal and economic fluctuations in prices apply to the cruise industry.


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