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How much hotel stuff is it OK to stuff? PDF Print E-mail

Every traveler knows the old one-liner. “The hotel room was OK, but the bath towels were too big. I couldn’t get even one into my suitcase.” Of course, there are hotel items you should not take, such as towels, bathrobes, hair dryers, sheets, pillow cases, TV remotes and those expensive goodies in the so-called honor bar. That’s just plain thievery.

Cartoon of couple swiping towels


Anyhow, the honor bar is a trap. Once you open that door, it sets off some kind of signal that you’re going to buy one of their $2 bottles of tap water, $3 candy bars, $5 bags of potato chips or $10 packages of cookies. Even if you don’t take anything out of the honor bar, the fact that you opened the door may result in having your room tab raised because the desk clerk will insist you swiped a Coke and a package of Oreos. You’re much better off buying those items for half of the price at the hotel gift shop, or for one-quarter of the price at a local store.

However, most hotel managements do want you to take and will not charge you for ballpoint pens, note pads, plastic laundry bags, sewing kits, soap bars and all those tiny bottles of shampoos and lotions. To hotel owners, these items serve as ads and reminders of your stay. Then, when you’ll be using them at home, the hotel logo will remind you to think about returning for another stay at that wonderful hotel.

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