Senior Journey: Elderhostel Experience in Israel PDF Print E-mail

Friends of ours recently booked a two-week trip to Israel, one of hundreds of choices for seniors by Elderhostel. In case you’re not familiar with the organization: Elderhostel: www.elderhostel.org is just what its name implies. It offers hospitality to elders. The non-profit enterprise promotes senior travel and educational journeys and experiences throughout the world. It was started 35 years ago by university faculty members who saw the advantage of utilizing campus dorms and dining facilities in the summer when students were away.

Senior Wanderer: Learn Language To Ease Way in Foreign Lands PDF Print E-mail

Jogging at dawn in Germany recently, I encountered the town policeman. “Guten tag!” I called out like a local citizen, and the answer was in perfect English, “And good morning to you, too, sir!” How he knew I was an American was a mystery to me, but I’m sure he was amused by my attempt to speak a few words in his language. Just as we appreciate visitors to our country who speak at least a few words in English, people of other lands have more respect for American tourists when we make at least a basic attempt to communicate in their language. Sometimes just a simple word of thanks, a smile and a compliment in the country’s language can go a long way.

Senior Traveler: Consider Benefits of Flying Red-Eye PDF Print E-mail

Whenever possible, we always go red-eye, flights that depart around midnight or later. There are so many advantages, it just doesn’t make much sense for this retired couple with a choice of flights to do it any other way. First of all, many of our flights are on Southwest, the airline with no assigned seats. As a popular low-cost airline, most SW daylight flights are jam-packed.

Sensible Seniors: Show Respect When Visiting Other Lands PDF Print E-mail

Most of us in our vintage years don’t need instructions in respect. We realize other peoples throughout the world have customs and religious beliefs that, although often strange to us, are serious parts of their lives. When visiting, we just don’t do nor say anything foolish to offend them. A friend who should have known better was with a tour of an Indian temple. Although in his 70s, he jumped up on an ancient stone statue while a friend shot video of the guy comically hugging and mugging in the arms of the goddess figure.

Senior Travel Dilemma: When Checked Bags Fly Off in Another Direction PDF Print E-mail

Springtime brings even more of a rush of heavy air travel. With such pressure on airlines to get millions of people to the right destinations, sometimes their baggage flies off in different directions. Statistics today show that one out of every 20 checked bags fails to arrive at the designated airport at the right time. Most are merely misdirected, and eventually get home to their owners. But while they’re missing, they cause much distress.


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