Tips on eating healthy and smart while traveling PDF Print E-mail

For the older traveler, what to eat on the go can be an ongoing problem. We’re away from home, not guided by the sensible three-a-day meals routine. We must meet schedules, disruptions and, worst of all, food temptations.

For instance, there’s the buffet at the hotel or aboard ship. At home, we watch our calories, keeping them down to 400 or 500 a meal. At the buffet, stacks of food are displayed in front of us, and we succumb to the all-you-can eat invitation. What’s wrong with two or three helpings of meat and that extra dessert or two? Everything.  

The need for restraint should govern everything we eat while traveling. Unless you want to gain a pound or two a day, here are some ideas for sensible eating while traveling.

Travel troubles: What to do if your flight is cancelled PDF Print E-mail

We have to admit it. The economy’s in a mess, and for the travel industry, it could get messier after the summer vacation season ends. Quickie airlines, such as AirAmerica, may go broke before they can even get off the ground. A recent news release says there have been nearly a million dollars in pre-paid AirAmerica reservations that may or may not be fully refunded.

So, what happens if you’ve paid full price or put a deposit on a flight and it is cancelled? It won’t necessarily happen because an airline goes broke, but more likely be due of bad weather, mechanical difficulties, flight delays between airports and other everyday glitches. When it happens, how do you overcome the problem? Here are some tips for avoiding, or at least making the problem less painful:

If you're into Twitter, you may find travel deals quicker PDF Print E-mail

As Elmer Fudd could have said it, you can get tewiffic twavel tweats on Twitter. In case you’re not familiar with it yet, Twitter is a social networking site where you can receive and send updates or "tweets" at the site through various cell phone methods and via the website at Twitter.com.  

Twitter allows you to write or read short, quick messages with familiar abbreviations, such as LOL, OMG, TTFN, RU? and other instant ways of getting the spare notes into the immediate mix. The advantage for travelers looking for instant bargains, is that through quick tweets, travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines and resorts are posting real-time twitter updates faster than they can in any other medium.

Beware of scams offering free travel awards PDF Print E-mail

Those infamous online crooks who notify us we’ve won sweepstakes or inherited millions from forgotten relatives have come up with a travel-related scam. Apparently they’re targeting seniors who’ve been frequent cruise and resort passengers.

Where they got the email addresses is suspect, possibly from greedy cruise ship crews and/or resort and travel agency employees. The scam works simply. You’re notified that you’ve won an all-expense-paid luxury cruise or hotel vacation at one of the popular lines or resorts, such as Club Med, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Cunard and others.

Make your next travel venture a laughing vacation PDF Print E-mail

The late, great comedian Milton Berle once said, “Laughter is a vacation”. That should be a hint on planning a fun vacation, and do it with a laughter theme. For instance, check out the many stand-up comedy shows in New York, Los Angeles and especially Las Vegas.

Within a few blocks of each other,  any night on the Vegas Strip you can find a dozen or more comedy shows. Some name comics are permanent fixtures there, including George Wallace at the Flamingo, Rita Rudner at Harrahs, and Penn and Teller at Rio. Other comedy stars, including Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Howie Mandel and Robin Williams are frequent visiting performers at the major hotels.


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