If you think you're picky at the hotel, check these strange celeb demands PDF Print E-mail

If you believe asking for extra towels for your room will bother housekeeping staff, consider what some famous people have done to make their hotel stay more comfy.

On at least one occasion, famed artist Salvador demanded a horse, wildcat and a flock of sheep be brought to his hotel room to pose for a combination photo shoot and oil painting.

2009 European Music Festivals PDF Print E-mail

As usual, there will be all kinds of rock concerts and contemporary music festivals throughout the world this season. Fortunately for we older and more moderate music lovers, there will also be events featuring our kinds of classical, opera, ballet and jazz. Here are just a few of the upcoming events scheduled in Europe:

White Nights Festival, May 19-July 12, 2009, is an annual extravaganza of classical music, military bands, opera, and ballet, held annually in St. Petersburg, Russia. White nights are the summertime days in Northern Russia that never seem to end, even after midnight. www.wnfa.org/festivalstars.htm.

Tips for Doing Paris on the Cheap PDF Print E-mail

You’ve gotta be kidding. Do Paris on the cheap? Probably the only Paris you could do on the cheap lives in Hollywood. However, you don’t want to check out of this world until you’ve seen and earned the traditional bragging rights of visiting Paris at least once. You'll tell everyone back home you've found romance, adventure, great food, springtime and glamor in Paris. Well, at least a little of each.

Here are just a few suggestions on how you can knock down those outrageous Paris prices to merely grossly high.

Remember Those Who Serve in the Armed Forces PDF Print E-mail

GI group

For Memorial Day, or for any time for any reason including simple gratitude, consider offering your help to those who now serve in the Armed Forces. Additionally, many older veterans and their families can benefit from your support and encouragement. Our readers who’ve served in earlier conflicts can remember how lonely it gets in a foxhole, on a ship’s gun mount or on a barracks bunk. Or in a veterans’ hospital bed.

Tips for Staying Alive During Long Road Trips PDF Print E-mail

Poor driving, going long hours without rest, booze, cell phones and stupid decisions can cut the cross-country trip short and send you to the hospital, or on that final journey heavenward (or to that other place).

I've driven the 3,000 miles many times from US coast to coast, often alone and on several trips with family and/or friends. Of course, if another driver is with you, the ordeal is not only easier by half, but can be almost pleasant. There's companionship and conversation that help pass the hours and miles away. That will help preserve your sanity. Also, while one is driving, the other can snooze. use noise-cancelling earphones to listen to music, do laptop computer work or watch a DVD.


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