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1. If your previous vacations have been with escorted groups, consider doing a freestyle one this season. Pick a compatible companion or two, pals in good physical shape (as you are), and who share the same interests. This is much better than being herded around in lock-step crowds to meet tight tour schedules. Do what you want, when you want, where you choose.

2. Travel lite, with one wheeled carry-on, and if necessary, a back pack. Dragging big suitcases through airports, train stations and cobbled streets is a real drag. Before you leave home, put everything you’ll absolutely need on your bed next to your carry-on. Then put away half of the stuff and leave it home. Take only wash’n’wear clothing, and every night while traveling, bring the day’s dirty laundry into the shower with you. Wash it, squeeze it dry and let it hang until morning.

Senior Single Women: Safety Tips For Your Cruise PDF Print E-mail

First of all, cruises are by far the most safety-conscious vacation destinations. Getting on an off a cruise ship requires at least as much security as at any airport, and often much more. Additionally, throughout the sailings, day and night, security officers are always close by, either in person or available in seconds by phone call.

Having said that, a single senior woman should always take the basic steps to protect herself when she’s on any journey. Here are some tips for personal safety on cruises:

Tips for Planning a Road Trip Vacation PDF Print E-mail

One happier situation for road trippers this year is that the cost of gasoline has dropped significantly. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s still a significant part of the overall cost. The simplest way to cut into that expense is to travel with another two to four companions in the same car.

The savings can be hundreds of dollars when costs are pooled on a long road trip, money better spent on lodging, food, excursions, entertainment and souvenirs to take back to the family. Additionally, with four or more in the car, driving duties can be divided to avoid fatigue and potential dangers, especially during long night hours on the road.

For Summer Travel Plans, Consider Going on the Cheap PDF Print E-mail

Because all travel-related businesses are hurting for customers these days, now is the first time in years when you can find real bargains for your upcoming summer ventures. And the process is super fast. No longer do you have to wade through piles of brochures, study the Sunday newspaper travel sections and sit through lectures at your friendly neighborhood travel agency.

Now, when clicking your computer, within seconds you can find hundreds of bargains as summer competition heats up for your travel dollar. A good way to start is to check out the online agencies, including Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Sherman and many others, all now eager to sign you on as a customer. They offer new and newer deals all the time, often posting last-minute bargains that just beg to be snapped up by savvy senior travelers.

Senior Travel Laugh: Flight from ORD to LAX Brings Miraculous Cure PDF Print E-mail

Because it has no reserved seating, Southwest Airlines allows people in wheelchairs to board first. On a recent SW flight out of Chicago, we observed a fragile-looking senior gentleman being wheeled to the aircraft entrance, where an attendant helped him slowly to a seat. When the flight landed in Los Angeles, the man walked briskly off the plane and into the terminal. When he saw the angry stares from other passengers, he stopped, lifted his arms heavenward and exclaimed, “Thank the Lord! It’s a miracle! Look what California air does for my arthritis!”

Warning: Don’t try the same scam next time you fly SW. The airline requires a written note on a doctor’s prescription form explaining your physical limitations, and requests early boarding. SW is under no obligation, but usually will accept it.

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