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As Elmer Fudd could have said it, you can get tewiffic twavel tweats on Twitter. In case you’re not familiar with it yet, Twitter is a social networking site where you can receive and send updates or "tweets" at the site through various cell phone methods and via the website at Twitter.com.  

Twitter allows you to write or read short, quick messages with familiar abbreviations, such as LOL, OMG, TTFN, RU? and other instant ways of getting the spare notes into the immediate mix. The advantage for travelers looking for instant bargains, is that through quick tweets, travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines and resorts are posting real-time twitter updates faster than they can in any other medium.

Elmer Fudd


As experienced travelers already know, airlines, hotels and cruises lines, along with online agencies, use annoying kinds of legal bait-and-switch routines when posting bargains in their regular online ads. Many deals give only one or two days for potential buyers to respond before the deal expires. For instance, if a cruise is advertised at $400 with a 24-hour buy time limit, and you try to buy it one minute after that expiration hour, the price could be $800.

Twitter isn’t a miracle maker, but for those travelers who can use it quickly and effectively, the savings can be substantial. As Elmer Fudd would advise: twy it for your next twip.

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