Humor: Pirates could spawn new cruise ship fun PDF Print E-mail

Lately, instead of the firepower of navies, armies and air forces, it appears the best way to protect yourself from modern pirates is to use plastic deck chairs and tables as weapons. There was a real-life recent news report that cruise ship passengers helped fight off a Somali pirate attack by throwing those lethal plastic tables and deck chairs at the bad guys.

The ship is the MSC Melody, and while on its way to ports in the Middle East, the captain made the mistake of cruising too close to the Somalia coast where the pirates lurk.

A gang of armed pirates in a high-speed motorboat suddenly came dashing up to the cruise ship and started firing rifles and tossing boarding ropes up to the railings in preparation for boarding. Before the crew could be alerted, passengers near the railings took matters into their own hands and began to fight back with everything they could find on deck.

Fortunately for everyone but the pirates, the ship’s armed guards arrived on deck and began firing at the pirates. This caused the raiders to jump back into their boat and speed away.          

Although the reality of piracy is nothing to laugh at, this incident doesn’t have to be all negative. Now that one cruise ship has experienced the thrill of contact with Somali pirates, others can add exciting activities to entice people to book cruises and join in on the fun. Here are a few ideas:

Humor: Top ten excuses for missing your flight PDF Print E-mail

A news service recently posted an article listing the top ten reasons for missing a flight. Most were the usual lame excuses, including heavy traffic and security delays. All silly and unnecessary. Travel55+ has 5+5 of the real reasons that even a hard-nosed airline gate attendant has to  believe as perfectly valid. The excuses will bring tears to his eyes, and he will hold your flight, or even make the pilot come back, just for you. Here they are:

Hotel Fire Safety Tips for Seniors PDF Print E-mail

In just about every hotel room, you’ll find fire emergency instructions. We start our safety measures at the front desk. We ask for a room no higher than the 7th floor. Why? That’s usually the highest a fire truck ladder can reach. Don’t make fun of us. Just check the history of major hotel fires, and being trapped in a room on an upper floor is a remote possibility, but it happens. Here are some other instructions:

Humor: What to do if your cruise ship is boarded by pirates PDF Print E-mail

Recent news reports that the captain and crew of the SS Melody, a large Italian cruise ship, chased off a bunch of pirates. As the pirates’ motorboat approached in the troubled waters off the coast of Somalia, the armed and trained cruise ship’s crew scared them away with heavy gunfire.

Of course, there’s nothing really funny about it at all, especially unarmed and helpless people who must face the pirates’ guns and grenades. But just suppose you were on a cruise and suddenly the ship is attacked by pirates. What would you do? Here are some suggestions:


Tips To Keep Your Traveling Senior Stomach Happy PDF Print E-mail

Travel, with all its disruptions of your normal routines, is too often no belly laugh. Even when you do stick to your regular eating habits, the stress of running for taxis, dragging suitcases, making your way through crowds, delayed flights, too-quick meals and many other negative factors all gang up to make your solar plexus very unhappy. And your heart may not be too thrilled, either.

Then the problems begin, ranging from nausea to sleeplessness to bathroom distress. Here are just a few common sense tips that can at least help to make the journey more pleasing to your placid stomach and happier heart:


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