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Of course, you're ticked off. And frustrated. And resentful. You've just gone through the hassle of driving to the airport, parking, fighting your way through the crowds, checking your bags, enduring security searches, checking in and finally finding your seat on the plane. Then, the inevitable squawk on the intercom: "This is your captain speaking. Sorry, folks, but traffic on the runways is a bit stacked up.

We'll be taking off in just about five minutes. Thank you for your patience."

angry passenger


Then, after the longest five minutes in timekeeping history, the two-hour-delayed flight finally gets off the ground. Who's to blame for all this inconvenience? The security guy who does an electronic body-search on you? The sniffing dog whose sniffs got just a bit too personal? The check-in clerk? The flight attendant who’s just too damned cheerful?

The answer is none of the above. They’re just doing their jobs, which are tough enough without having to listen to furious travelers taking out their frustrations on them. Something to remember before you go off on your rant against one of them. You may have to suffer through all the airport and flying problems once or twice a year, or even once or twice a month. But those working people must do it every day. Added to that, they listen to all the outbursts without the outlet of responding angrily to the anger.

So, next time you need to fly, try to be a little more understanding of those air crew and airport workers who are dedicated to making your flight as efficient and comfortable as they can. If there are delays and other inconveniences, don't take it out on them. Do as I do. Yell at your spouse.

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