Hotel Fire Safety Tips for Seniors PDF Print E-mail

In just about every hotel room, you’ll find fire emergency instructions. We start our safety measures at the front desk. We ask for a room no higher than the 7th floor. Why? That’s usually the highest a fire truck ladder can reach. Don’t make fun of us. Just check the history of major hotel fires, and being trapped in a room on an upper floor is a remote possibility, but it happens. Here are some other instructions:

Humor: What to do if your cruise ship is boarded by pirates PDF Print E-mail

Recent news reports that the captain and crew of the SS Melody, a large Italian cruise ship, chased off a bunch of pirates. As the pirates’ motorboat approached in the troubled waters off the coast of Somalia, the armed and trained cruise ship’s crew scared them away with heavy gunfire.

Of course, there’s nothing really funny about it at all, especially unarmed and helpless people who must face the pirates’ guns and grenades. But just suppose you were on a cruise and suddenly the ship is attacked by pirates. What would you do? Here are some suggestions:


Tips To Keep Your Traveling Senior Stomach Happy PDF Print E-mail

Travel, with all its disruptions of your normal routines, is too often no belly laugh. Even when you do stick to your regular eating habits, the stress of running for taxis, dragging suitcases, making your way through crowds, delayed flights, too-quick meals and many other negative factors all gang up to make your solar plexus very unhappy. And your heart may not be too thrilled, either.

Then the problems begin, ranging from nausea to sleeplessness to bathroom distress. Here are just a few common sense tips that can at least help to make the journey more pleasing to your placid stomach and happier heart:

Go Luxury for Less This Summer PDF Print E-mail

In “A Tale of Two Cities”, Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” Those words seems to fit today’s luxury hotel business dilemma. It can be the best of times for the senior traveler, while the worst of times for those overpriced posh palaces we could never before afford. At least until now.

It’s in the news daily, and now you see it in the newspaper, on TV and online ads. Prices are down, particularly in the upscale hotels. In addition to the general slowdown in the national economy, the big hotels have been hit by guilty consciences. There has been a drastic drop in conference and convention business in Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and other former luxury destinations for big business travel.

Travel Tip: In Case of Possible Loss, Duplicate All Your Important Stuff PDF Print E-mail

We know this will come as quite a shock to you senior sojourners, but there are some thieves out there in travel land. Wallets and purses somehow find a way to disappear, either from being swiped or just accidentally left behind in hotel rooms, restauranst, taxis or airplanes.

So, if your purse or wallet get lost while you’re traveling, you don’t need the extra panic of trying to remember all the information on your important cards and papers that could be gone forever. So, before you leave home, use your scanner and printer to copy all of those important items. They may not help to recover your lost items, especially if they’ve been stolen, but they will help you remember precisely what you’ve lost.  

Keep the duplicates in a safe place at home or in your bank security box. Then, if you lose the originals, you can use the copies temporarily until the new cards and papers arrive.

Flying wallet



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