Sensible Seniors: Show Respect When Visiting Other Lands PDF Print E-mail

Most of us in our vintage years don’t need instructions in respect. We realize other peoples throughout the world have customs and religious beliefs that, although often strange to us, are serious parts of their lives. When visiting, we just don’t do nor say anything foolish to offend them. A friend who should have known better was with a tour of an Indian temple. Although in his 70s, he jumped up on an ancient stone statue while a friend shot video of the guy comically hugging and mugging in the arms of the goddess figure.

Senior Travel Dilemma: When Checked Bags Fly Off in Another Direction PDF Print E-mail

Springtime brings even more of a rush of heavy air travel. With such pressure on airlines to get millions of people to the right destinations, sometimes their baggage flies off in different directions. Statistics today show that one out of every 20 checked bags fails to arrive at the designated airport at the right time. Most are merely misdirected, and eventually get home to their owners. But while they’re missing, they cause much distress.

Senior Travelers: Take a Mini-Medicine Cabinet With You PDF Print E-mail

What personal medical supplies you take on long trips depends on if you really need them on your travels. And that could include the adult-sized diapers of the same name. Not a joke to some of us who’ve had to wear them. Several years ago, I had heart surgery, and for two weeks afterward wore those fluffy big boy diapers.

I took them when I needed to be away from home for a scheduled flight soon after the surgery. You should’ve seen the look on the security guy’s face at the airport when he inspected my luggage. I tried to lighten the moment with humor. I said the diapers were for our son, Junior, who was only 18 months old, but was already six feet tall. I don’t think the security guy got it, but he passed me through the gate.

Senior Advantage: Cruise Ships Target Seasoned Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Traditionally cruise lines have always reached out specifically for seniors, primarily because they’ve been the major source for customers in the cruise industry. That hasn’t changed, even now that the world’s in an economic downturn which seriously affects the entire tourist industry. If there’s any positive aspect to this uncertain era it is that, more than ever, seniors living on pensions and steady investments may still have the money and desire to buy cruise vacations. In this Spring and Summer season, seniors considering cruises may see the best bargains in decades. 

Senior Sojourn: See the Spectacular Hoover Dam, Top & Bottom PDF Print E-mail

If you visit Las Vegas, as advertised, you’ll be dazzled by all the glitter and glamor of Sin City. Additionally, if you have some time to roam around like a tourist, be sure to visit one of the world’s greatest man-made wonders of engineering and conservation, Hoover Dam. It’s a 40-minute drive from the Strip, or if you want to take one of the many bus or air tours, your hotel and other sources can book you for them to pick you up at the hotel’s door. The chopper tour is touted as the most exciting as it swoops over the huge dam and man-made Lake Mead below. However, we opted out. We like thrills, but we’re a bit too old for that much excitement.


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