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The travel industry calls it the shoulder season, and it spans between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year when travel business is at its slowest. If you thought prices were down during the past summer, wait until you see the bargains you can get this autumn. Check out how low hotel, cruise and flight prices have gone, down, down, down.

Typical reductions include San Francisco 18%, Las Vegas 27%, cruises 37%, airlines 23%, London 37%, Aspen 17%, Puerto Vallarta 45%, Boston 34% and Paris 19%. Remember when regular gasoline in the U.S. last September was $4.25 a gallon and more? This month’s average is $2.60. Check with your favorite hometown or online travel agencies for all current autumn deals.

If you’re thinking of buying any kind of air or land travel, booking a hotel room or signing up for a cruise, get yourself the very best deal possible. When you’re quoted a price, always remember to ask the magic travel55plus question: “Can you do better than that?”


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