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Your flight is snowed in at Chicago O’Hare and the announcement is that it’ll be 45 minutes late. That means at least 145 minutes. It’s way past your normal bedtime, you’re yawning and your eyes are drooping. All you want to do is catch some pre-redeye shuteye. Here are some suggestions:

1. Whenever you fly, anticipate in-airport delays. Keep a snooze kit in your carry-on. It could include a lightweight blanket or sheet, sleep mask and inflatable pillow.

2. It’s tough trying to get comfy in a single cramped airport seat. If the airport isn’t crowded, find a bench where you can stretch out.

Yawning ape
3. If airport is crowded, find a clean, quiet floor area against a wall, spread your blanket on the floor, puff up your pillow, put on your mask, stretch out, do a big yawn and snooze.

4. If your wait will be two hours or more, before you settle down, get some inexpensive eats. Buy bottled water or juice, sandwich or salad and simple dessert, such as small container of Jello or apple sauce. When you feel hungry, interrupt your snooze with a light snack, but don’t overeat.

5. Along with your snooze kit, bring small electronic doo-dads to help pass the hours, both in the airport and when you’re in-flight. A CD and/or DVD player with some fave discs, or even the old-fashioned radio-cassette player with tapes.

The recorded stuff can be music, games and/or listen-to books. If you need to study or do business, take along your laptop or combination laptop-DVD player. You’ll need your cellphone to keep in touch with family, although they may not appreciate being called at 2 am to hear your moaning and gripes about the delayed flight.


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