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We don’t usually get negative about air travel, because about 90 percent of the time we get to where we’re going in reasonably good time and comfort. However, we found some bitingly funny remarks on several websites that serve as examples of how we trapped flyers sometimes feel about airlines. Here are the hateful eight:

1. If there’s a possible rough landing, do you know why flight attendants tell you to curl up with your head down? It’s to prepare to kiss your butt goodbye.

2. You can call it the Rhett Butler Airline, because frankly, my dear passengers, they just don't give a damn. Airplane

3. That puddle-jumper commuter airplane is just a Greyhound bus with wings, only slower.

4. The only things older than that airline’s planes are their flight attendants.

5. The guy who designed the seats on this plane used to work at a sardine can factory.

6. Not that this plane is in any danger, but why did they paint the name Hindenburg on the nose?

7. You can never find a cop or flight attendant when you really need one.

8. The plane we flew on last week was so old, the captain’s name was Wilbur, and co-captain was Orville. That was bad enough, but when Amelia came around the cabin offering snacks, it was just too much.


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