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We see them doing it while racing by us along the highway. Talking on cell phones while driving was bad enough. Now, with latest devices, gabby drivers look away from the road and down to punch out text messages on little lighted boxes.

Drivers need to pay total attention to everything going on in all directions at all times. Texting while driving has caused many accidents, and some states have banned the dangerous practice. Any distraction that forces the driver to take eyes off the road for a second or two is a danger. It is considerably worse to text messages that take eyes off the road for five or ten seconds.

Some 15 states already make texting while driving illegal, with possible fines and loss of license if convicted. Other states are considering doing the same. However, whatever the law, it is just plain common sense to keep eyes on the road, drive defensively and think safety at all times.

Texting and cellphone use while driving is done mostly by young people. Please talk to your kids and grandkids to make sure they not only obey the laws, but also protect themselves and others from the very real dangers they may cause.

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