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Guest Senior Writer PLG, San Antonio TX: Friends and family often ask about my most enjoyable trip. These three are at the top of my world wanderer list. Although they look very different, there’s a similarity. In each, the most meaningful experiences were when I just blended with friendly locals.

Peru: Visits included Cusco, the cities of the Sacred Valley and fantastic Machu Picchu. Much enjoyment was from exploring the non-tourist areas of the cities. We found the restaurants in Cusco where the locals eat feature amazing ethnic meals for under $10.

Happy Memoirs Of My First Post-Retirement Cruise PDF Print E-mail

Senior correspondent PLL, Buffalo NY: I retired at age 65.5 on a snowy January day, and 24 hours later we were escaping from icy cold and damp Buffalo. We drove 2,000 miles to the hot, dry desert of Arizona. After relaxing and sending up-yours sun and swim photos to former fellow workers still freezing in Upper New York State, we traveled.

Another retired Arizona couple suggested we accompany them on a cruise along the Pacific coast of Baja, Mexico. My immediate reaction: A cruise! Who the hell wants to go on a cruise? When I cruised along Vietnam with the Navy, a lot of angry guys out there tried to kill me! No, no! I'll never, never, never go on a cruise!

A week later we were at the pier in Long Beach, California, to board our cruise ship. Griping and moaning, I went up the gangway and to our cabin. I had to admit it was a bit more grand than crowded Navy crew compartments. Later, I reluctantly realized that the dining room on the cruise ship offered somewhat better food than Navy mess halls.

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Guest Writer Mary M., Phoenix AZ: This beautiful Italian city has been one of the world's most desired destination for tourists for ten centuries. We were there recently while on a Mediterranean cruise, and it was the highlight of our trip.

Venice is one of the few places in the world that exceeded our expectations, more fantastic in reality than what we had learned from history, TV, movies and travel guides. The first sights when you board the shuttle boat are scenes along the Grand Canal.

Royal Caribbean: Baja Cruise Happily Surprises Old Navy Guy PDF Print E-mail

Guest travel writer PJJ, Yonkers NY: About three years after I retired, my spouse and neighbor couple came up with a brilliant idea. "We're all going on a cruise”.

"No, I’m not," I responded. I just didn't want to go to sea again. I had been on several cruises in my youth. The first was during WWII, consisting of a year aboard a Navy attack transport. Then, as a recalled reservist, a six-month assignment during the Korean War aboard an aircraft carrier.

Navy accommodations and food were adequate back then. However, my most vivid memories many decades later were that during those cruises, some very unfriendly people were out there on the oceans and in the skies trying to kill me.

Florida Thrill: Airboat Ride Through the Everglades PDF Print E-mail

Visiting senior wanderer PJK, Harrisburg PA: Recently, when traveling in the Fort Lauderdale area, we decided to drive north up Florida's boot about 40 miles to the Everglades. The area is easily accessible from resort areas and makes a great natural diversion from just being at the beach.

We booked an airboat water ride with Loxahatchee Everglades Tours. It's a fantastic way to see the still-unspoiled habitat as the flat boat glides over miles and miles of swampy water, flanked by native trees and green flora. The boat passes through carpets of water lilies, sawgrass and cattails. The area is part of the Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S.


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