Senior March Memory: Attempt on President Reagan's Life PDF Print E-mail

I was on a business trip on March 30, 1981, to Washington, D.C. I took along my then 13-year-old son. While we were in an upper floor of an office building next to the Capital Hilton Hotel, we suddenly heard all kinds of clangs and whistles outside. We looked out the window and down onto the street far below and saw many police cars and ambulances rushing around the hotel area.

Someone in the office who had turned on a radio told us that President Reagan had been wounded in an attempted assassination! About 20 minutes later, when we tried to drive away from the area, and as we were passing the Hilton, we were stopped by police and Secret Service agents. We were ordered out, frisked and my car was thoroughly searched. We were then sent on our way with a warning not to stop anywhere nearby. My son said we had been witnesses to a moment of history, but I was just scared as hell until we found out the attempt was made by just one gunman.

Although severely wounded, President Reagan later fully recovered. While in the hospital, he joked to his wife, “Nancy, I forgot to duck.”

Ex-President Ronald Reagan

Better vacation choice: All-inclusive or roam free? PDF Print E-mail

Sometimes we prefer the all-inclusive vacation, because most of our travels lately have been aboard cruises, and all were very enjoyable. We’ve had our roaming free fun. When we first retired, still in our vigorous 60s, and it was great to fly to a foreign destination, hitch up our backpacks and rent cheap hotel rooms, Then, on our own independent non-schedule, we made our own way around France, Belgium and Holland to find food, sights and entertainment.

We did it dozens of times, including leisurely hikes and bus trips through the British Isles. With a well-thumbed guidebook and absolutely no idea where we’d venture the next day, we stopped at bed'n'breakfasts, ate in small, out-of-the-way cafes and did whatever we chose at the moment. For two people doing such free roaming at age 65 and 70, it may seem an impossible feat to younger travelers, but we had a blast, and still have great memories of our wanderings.

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Senior Travel Tip: Tour The British Isles In Springtime PDF Print E-mail

“O, to be in England now that April's there.” Poet Robert Browning wrote it a century or more ago, and it’s still a great idea for the springtime senior traveler. Since our retirement, we’ve made many pilgrimages to the British Isles. We've done in different ways: joined tour groups, roamed alone and spent two weeks doing bed and breakfast and sightseeing treks in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Even though we were already in our 70s, our best springtime adventure in Great Britain was when we went everywhere with just backpacks and no schedule.

Senior Travelers' Experiences With Airport Security PDF Print E-mail

The first thing you need to know about airport security is one simple fact. No matter where you are and what you're doing in terminals, you can assume at least one camera and several pairs of eyes are watching you.

It can be reassuring, but at times, a bit disturbing. For instance, on a recent arrival to check in for a flight, we stopped just inside the terminal doors to get our bearings and be sure we had the right documents for getting through screening.


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