Sitka, Alaska: Visit To Formerly Russian Island PDF Print E-mail

Senior correspondent PJM, Bremerton WA: Our cruise ship stopped at isolated Baranov Island in Southeast Alaska, facing the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately it was a relatively comfortable day, because Sitka gets over 80 inches of snow per year plus 40 inches of rain.

Alaska was purchased by the U.S. from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million, quite a bargain at the time and since. It’s the largest state, composed of more than 660,000 square miles, larger than California and Texas.

St Petersburg: Visit to Russia’s Most Beautiful City PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Trave Writer PMO, Jersey City NJ: We sailed on a two-week Scandinavian cruise out of Dover, England. Port visits included Copenhagen, Denmark; Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; and St. Petersburg, Russia.

It was a very enjoyable journey, and we had some memorable experiences. The most unusual and impressive moments were during the two days we spent in early springtime St. Petersburg. We knew the history of the city and were anxious to see as much as possible.

Las Vegas NV: Helicopter Tour To Grand Canyon PDF Print E-mail

Senior travel writer, JPB, Ann Arbor MI: What more thrilling way to celebrate our 40th anniversary than to fly a whirlybird from Las Vegas to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders? When I first heard about it, I wasn’t too enthusiastic.

We were having a grand time on the ground in Vegas when my spouse suggested we should see the thrilling sights from above. Decades ago I had many rides in Navy and Marine choppers, and wasn’t too thrilled about climbing into one again. However, after we were aboard and the pilot assured me that no one would be shooting at us, I relented.

Humor: We Vote For Your 10 Best Flight Seatmates PDF Print E-mail

We all remember adjoining passengers we’d rather forget. Crying babies, 700 lb. arm rest overflows, barfing alcoholics and tobacco-breath addicts. Therefore, if our fondest history fantasy could be answered, what memorably pleasant seating companions would we choose?

To be happily shoulder-to-shoulder on long red-eyes or cross-ocean journeys to London or Beijing. Consider:

1. Jesus: If a prayer for safety becomes necessary, who better?
2. Abe Lincoln: We’d discuss politics, tho the poor guy in the smooshed-in seat in front of long, lanky Abe never stops whining.

A Senior's Very Favorite Travel Destinations PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Writer PLG, San Antonio TX: Friends and family often ask about my most enjoyable trip. These three are at the top of my world wanderer list. Although they look very different, there’s a similarity. In each, the most meaningful experiences were when I just blended with friendly locals.

Peru: Visits included Cusco, the cities of the Sacred Valley and fantastic Machu Picchu. Much enjoyment was from exploring the non-tourist areas of the cities. We found the restaurants in Cusco where the locals eat feature amazing ethnic meals for under $10.


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