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3. Moses: If the pilot got lost, this old prophet could lead us to the Promised Landing.
4. Enrico Caruso: Imagine the great acoustics in coach class when he belts out Vesti la Giubba.
5. Judy Garland: Listen to her warble Over The Rainbow, as the aircraft flies over a rainbow.
6. William Shakespeare: We’d recite to be or not to be, along with other lines we hated memorizing in high school.
7. Mel Brooks: We’d discuss plans for his next crazy dictator film, Springtime For The Donald.
8. Mary Shelley: We’d discuss how she thought up scary Frankenstein more than a century before Trump started stumping the land. (Sorry, Donald, just kidding)
9. Ella Fitzgerald: When she sings Someone To Watch Over Me and Blue Skies, we’ll know the flight will be OK.
10. Gene Kelly: We’d turn on the overhead sprinklers, then dance and sing along the aisle to Singin’ In The Rain.

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