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In the cities of Ollantaytambo and Urumbamba, we were able to go through the Inca ruins to actually see, inspect, feel them up close. In Lima, we walked around the Miraflores area among locals, enjoying Parque Kennedy, flea market, street musicians and Shakespearean performances.

Morocco: A week in Marrakesh can seem like a lifetime or only seconds. The city is so exotic, it defies definition. You can spend hours strolling in the ancient maze of the Medina. Always something new and exciting around every corner, including cozy cafés, historic monuments, street performances or interesting local shops.

The food, the people, the architecture were amazing. As someone who grew up on the streets of an American city, to hear the call to prayer echoing from the mosque each morning at 5 AM was exotic. The city is made for exploring, and is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.

China: As with other destinations, we enjoyed spending hours exploring Beijing, especially the Wang Fu Jing area where we stayed in a bargain bed & breakfast. Another amazing experience was the two-hour car ride from Beijing into the countryside and visit to famed The Great Wall.

There was also the wow factor of the Forbidden City, places you read about, but never really expect to visit.  Suddenly you’re really there. We had the same feelings with our first trips to Italy, England and France.

Advice to new senior wanderers: When you venture out into the world, be a traveler and not a tourist. Really explore and get to know the destination. Concentrate on one place instead of trying to cram in a whole series of cities, especially in Europe. Allow time to just walk around.

You’ll be amazed at what you discover on your own. Of course be safe, do your research in advance, and know the areas to avoid. Keep credit cards and wallet buttoned up, and always have your hotel info and smartphone in case you get lost or sense personal danger.

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