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Since retiring, we've lived in the desert and on the West Coast, and fly at least once a month, mostly domestic, and almost exclusively on Southwest Airlines. We've been happy flyers with SW for nearly 20 years and have rarely had a complaint of any kind. It is a bare-bones outfit, so we don't expect luxury, but we do expect to get where we're going on time. SW has done that for us about 95 percent of the time. But, for the best price, always shop around.

We recently had to fly from San Diego to San Francisco, and to our surprise, discovered that the Virgin America price was far lower than the best we could get from SW. The basic Virgin ticket price was $77 each way per person. The best for the same we could get from SW was $167. With taxes and all the other add ons, we could fly round trip on Virgin for less than $200 each, while the SW fare was almost double.

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It wasn’t a Royal Caribbean, Princess, Holland American, Disney nor Norwegian cruise. Uncle Sam paid for my first ocean voyage. When, in wartime 1943, my local draft board was dragging as many 18-year-olds as they could grab into the Army, I decided sea air was much healthier than foxhole mud. I enlisted in the Navy.

Fortunately for my ego and reputation among my shipmates, I wasn't seasick as we sailed through the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay and headed out to the Pacific. However, it seemed every one of the 2,800 young Marines aboard were. As one of the lowest-ranking members of the crew, my first Navy job was to help clean up the grossly messy passenger bunking areas, chow (cafeteria) compartments and heads (toilets).

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I was on a business trip on March 30, 1981, to Washington, D.C. I took along my then 13-year-old son. While we were in an upper floor of an office building next to the Capital Hilton Hotel, we suddenly heard all kinds of clangs and whistles outside. We looked out the window and down onto the street far below and saw many police cars and ambulances rushing around the hotel area.

Someone in the office who had turned on a radio told us that President Reagan had been wounded in an attempted assassination! About 20 minutes later, when we tried to drive away from the area, and as we were passing the Hilton, we were stopped by police and Secret Service agents. We were ordered out, frisked and my car was thoroughly searched. We were then sent on our way with a warning not to stop anywhere nearby. My son said we had been witnesses to a moment of history, but I was just scared as hell until we found out the attempt was made by just one gunman.

Although severely wounded, President Reagan later fully recovered. While in the hospital, he joked to his wife, “Nancy, I forgot to duck.”

Ex-President Ronald Reagan


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