Airport Security Eyes Are Always Watching You PDF Print E-mail

Wandering, sitting, shopping or waiting in line, no matter where you are and what you're doing in most air terminals, you can be assured that at least one camera sees you. On a recent arrival to check in for a flight out of Las Vegas, we stopped just inside the terminal doors to get our bearings.

As we were taking out the necessary documents, we noticed a stack of three or four suitcases just a few feet away. At that instant, two airport cops and a big German Shepherd dog came rushing over. At first we thought they were after us, but they passed and swooped up the unattended bags. Dog and handlers were gone up the nearby escalator before we could say or do anything.

Copenhagen, Denmark: We Tourists Were Exposed To A Nude Beach PDF Print E-mail

Senior Contributing Writer LJN, Little Rock AR: It happened to us without warning. My spouse and I took a guided tour of Copenhagen, Denmark, this past summer.

Everything went well, including a visit to Tivoli Gardens amusement park, tour of the charming city and wonderful dining at cafés. We admired the famous Little Mermaid nude statue in the harbor, not realizing what was to follow.

Then, one morning we were notified we’d sunbathe and have lunch at the beach. The guide, intentionally or not, failed to tell us that swimsuits were optional. As we settled in the sand, along came groups of people, some wearing just shorts and others completely nude.

Grand Canyon Adventure: Our Mule Ride That Never Was PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Correspondent ALR, Green Bay WI: We looked forward to the late summer experience as we arrived at Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Usually all hotel rooms, cabins and dorms are sold out weeks in advance throughout the entire Canyon area. We arrived to check in a day earlier than our reservation called for. We were lucky to be put up in a very basic dorm cabin with the communal bathroom down the hall.

The Canyon edge was only about 20 feet out the back door. If we’d been sleepwalkers, it could have been disastrous. Another mistake was that we’d just saunter over to the mule corral at the Bright Angel Trail bright and early the next morning and join the famous Canyon mule ride.

Senior Traveler Recalls Visit To Beautiful Florence, Italy PDF Print E-mail

Florence, or Firenza in Italian, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From personal traveling experience, it’s our favorite in Italy, not only for its timeless charm, but because many of the other big cities are too touristy for our taste.

Rome is often overcrowded and commercialized. We couldn't even visit the Vatican, the Forum or the Colosseum without being overwhelmed by busloads of tourists, religious groups, street vendors, creepy would-be guides, urchin pickpockets and phony costumed characters.

Venice is still unique when viewed quickly, but once one goes strolling along the narrow streets or drifts by the canals, there’s the pervasive feel and smell that the city has degenerated into a glorified sewer. The famed pigeons in San Marco Square look great in photos, but in reality are dirty pests that flock and poop all over people to grab the birdseed that sells for a five bucks per a tiny paper cup's worth.

Seniors Back In Class: Italy Cooking School Experience PDF Print E-mail

You’re never too old to learn something new, and here’s a travel idea that combines education and vacation. And you can do it in sunny Italy. How about a cooking vacation?

One example is a program at Casa Ombuto, a former Italian noble family's villa in picturesque Tuscany. In addition to the culinary schedules during one- to two-week courses, students visit local cultural sites, including historic Florence, where Michelangelo's art and sculpture originated.

There are also cruises to beautiful isles of Capri and Sorrento, where strolling among the outdoor cafes and sampling local dishes are part of the Italian cooking adventure. The students are completely immersed in regional customs, cooking history and skills. Although teaching is in Italian, translators are always present to help others.


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