Royal Caribbean: Baja Cruise Happily Surprises Old Navy Guy PDF Print E-mail

Guest travel writer PJJ, Yonkers NY: About three years after I retired, my spouse and neighbor couple came up with a brilliant idea. "We're all going on a cruise”.

"No, I’m not," I responded. I just didn't want to go to sea again. I had been on several cruises in my youth. The first was during WWII, consisting of a year aboard a Navy attack transport. Then, as a recalled reservist, a six-month assignment during the Korean War aboard an aircraft carrier.

Navy accommodations and food were adequate back then. However, my most vivid memories many decades later were that during those cruises, some very unfriendly people were out there on the oceans and in the skies trying to kill me.

Florida Thrill: Airboat Ride Through the Everglades PDF Print E-mail

Visiting senior wanderer PJK, Harrisburg PA: Recently, when traveling in the Fort Lauderdale area, we decided to drive north up Florida's boot about 40 miles to the Everglades. The area is easily accessible from resort areas and makes a great natural diversion from just being at the beach.

We booked an airboat water ride with Loxahatchee Everglades Tours. It's a fantastic way to see the still-unspoiled habitat as the flat boat glides over miles and miles of swampy water, flanked by native trees and green flora. The boat passes through carpets of water lilies, sawgrass and cattails. The area is part of the Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S.

Retirement Gift To Us: Cross-Country RV Trip PDF Print E-mail

Guest Contributor PJJ, Buffalo NY: As my 65th birthday approached, my spouse and I decided to reward ourselves with a one-way cross-country RV journey. After our kids were in college, we put the empty nest up for sale and retired from the daily working world.

We listed our house on the market, sold our newer car and donated the older one to charity. When the house sold, along with almost all home furnishings, we used some of the proceeds to buy an RV.

We found a modestly-priced, five-year-old one in excellent condition. After inspection and upgrading, it was just right to become our new home on wheels.

How To Survive A 3,000-Mile Cross Country Drive PDF Print E-mail

Guest Senior Scribbler: We recently drove from Princeton to Los Angeles, with two senior drivers sharing. We did the 2,700 miles in 60 hours, via I-40, I-70 and I-66, a fair accomplishment for age 70+ roadies. Here are some tips that may help other seniors who may decide to give it a go.

Common Sense: For many, those words are all they need.  We drove in four-hour shifts each, and used the back seat for stretching out when not at the wheel. No matter how awake you feel or how you want to keep on schedule, drivers, especially seniors, regular rest breaks and naps on long road treks are vital.

My Ender's Game Premiere Experience PDF Print E-mail

By Freddy Sherman

A Great Movie and a Fun Party Hosted by Audi

The red carpet premiere of a Hollywood movie is a fun experience and a big party. It's a combination of press event, public spectacle and cast party. Audi hosted the world premiere of Ender's Game at the legendary Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and I was there to see the movie and enjoy all the festivities.

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