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Exercise: At every highway gas and rest stop, we did stretch exercises. We also walked and jogged around for several minutes to keep limber.

Eat For Energy: Take time for nutritious, sit-down meals. We stopped at several highway restaurants, as well as carried healthy snacks and juices to nibble and sip while on the road.

No Booze Nor Drugs: Because both senior drivers were on several prescribed meds, we checked first with our family doctors. We made sure none would cause drowsiness or other impairment while at the wheel. With regular naps, we didn’t need artificial stimulants to keep us awake.

We’re are both moderate drinkers, but didn’t use any during the cross-country drive. We didn’t want to impair our driving abilities, nor create the potential of being pulled over by highway patrols.

Final Note: Make sure you’re sober, healthy and alert enough to tackle a cross-country drive. Once on the road, if at any time you feel even slightly drowsy, get the hell off for a quick nap. Do it for our sake. We may be driving toward you from the opposite direction.

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