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The guide had a good laugh at our expense, but when we settled down, she gave us instructions. If it happens to you, the hints may help you meet the challenge.

Don’t stare: Don’t embarrass the nudists by concentrating your gaze on their bodies. When you speak with them, do it eye-to-eye. You can avoid being seen staring by putting on dark sunglasses. Then you can stare to your heart's content.

Don’t tell inappropriate jokes: While nudists are as aware of sexual humor as anyone else, respect their culture. Know the limits of behavior. Don’t attempt remarks that could embarrass the nudists and/or you.

No cameras, Smartphone or selfies: It’s considered intrusive to take photos or video at a nudist beach without very specific permission. In some cases when it is allowed, know the legality of selling the photos or posting them on the internet.

Keep it cool: If you’re a guy looking to ogle gorgeous girls romping nude, you may be disappointed. Most nudist beaches are populated by middle-aged and beyond, and they often show the inevitable results of aging. However, if while visiting, seeing shapely women causes problems, jump quickly into the ocean, pool or cold shower.

Nude beach etiquette in Denmark is the same as expected respectful behavior in any other public setting. If you’re a first-time visitor, just follow the bare rules.


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