Hugo CO: Water System Tests Positive To Pot

It has been three years since the Centennial State legalized marijuana. Along with younger advocates, ex-hippies now in their sunset years are flocking to Colorado. They want to enjoy the smoking and aromas of the formerly forbidden evil weed.

Recent news reports reveal that at Hugo, the small Rocky Mountain town’s water supply now contains THC, a natural substance found in marijuana. Some commentators have jokingly suggested that Hugo start up a new bottled water enterprise. Also, will you relive your own 1950s days and travel to Hugo for it’s tempting, tasty tetrahydrocannabinol treat?

Destination: Banff, Alberta, Canada PDF Print E-mail

Banff Resort

A great all-season hotel, the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort is in a beautiful setting in the heart of Canada’s Banff National Park. It’s especially beautiful in autumn, when the mountainsides all around burst with red, orange and red leaves from the surrounding forests of elm, oak, aspen and birchwoods.

Ten travel tips: A little paranoia goes a long way PDF Print E-mail


When traveling, the idea is to relax and have fun. That’s a perfect goal, but if you want to do it safely, there are those nagging little warnings that should always be somewhere in your head.

If you’re getting up in years, awareness of your surroundings and some positive paranoia can help make your trip safer. If you listen to that little voice of reason at the right times, it can make your travels more enjoyable and less worrisome.

1. Your travel motto should be: if it seems to good to be true, it ain’t true. This applies to promises from taxi drivers, time-share deals, 99-cent buffets, food served from street vending carts and everything else that smells fishy.

Destination spotlight: Death Valley National Park CA PDF Print E-mail

Ghost town outhouse

Of the dozens of ghost towns in the Death Valley National Park, Panamint City is one of the best known. A rootin’, tootin’ place in its heyday of the 1870s, it was said to have been first started by bad guys on the lam from the law from all parts of the West.

Someone claimed to have found silver in nearby Surprise Canyon, and legend has it that the bad guys put down their guns and took up shovels. In 1874, there were 2,000 people in the town, and a certain percentage of them had their mug shots on post office walls all over the West.

Five tips on what to do if the bill is too big PDF Print E-mail

Bird with big bill

It seems to happen every time. We check out of a hotel, knowing our online travel agency has booked us a great room for a special deal of $98 each for three nights. So, the bill should be $294. Right? Wrong! The desk clerk hands you a bill for $387.

It’s the same with that cruise bargain you bought, five nights round trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. When you boarded, you even got a free upgrade to a better cabin. The price quote from your agency was $835. When you checked out, the bill was for $1,127.

Luxury cruise ships to visit Israel PDF Print E-mail

Cruise ship off Israel coast
Israel is expected to welcome a new wave of luxury cruise ships this autumn, beginning when the 2,500-passenger Royal Caribbean ship Vision  of the Seas docks in Haifa and Ashdod during an 11-night tour.  Also, Celebrity Cruise's Celebrity Equinox will anchor in  Israel during a series of nine cruises in October. For more information, check with your hometown or online travel agency.


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