Lonely Planet: World’s Top Ten Places To Visit Now

Although some savvy senior wanderers may not agree nor ever heard of several of them, the list is an interesting compilation. They’re popular destinations suggested by Lonely Planet. They are, including two U.S. cities, in rank order:

Bordeaux, France; Cape Town, South Africa; Los Angeles CA; Merida, Mexico; Ohrid, Macedonia; Pistoia, Italy; Seoul, South Korea; Lisbon, Portugal; Moscow, Russia and Portland OR.

Er .... is something missing from that list? Has any senior wanderer ever heard about such obscure destinations as New York NY, London UK, Paris, France and Venice, Italy?. And where is Tony Bennett’s favorite city with the little cable cars that go halfway to the stars?

Six smart checks to make before you travel PDF Print E-mail

Einstein at blackboard

1. Especially in winter, keep an hour-by-hour phone check with the cruise ship, tour bus and/or airline to get latest possible delays or cancellations due to weather.

2. Before you leave home, keep getting current info with your travel or insurance agent for understanding your coverage on various possibilities. This could include illness that prevents you from meeting travel schedules, insurance coverage if there’s cancellation by the airline/cruise line because of weather. Also be aware of carrier liability insurance against loss or damage of your checked luggage.

3. If you have ongoing medical conditions that require you to carry prescription drugs, always have a letter from your physician with you detailing medical conditions and specific prescriptions in effect. If your trip is more than a day or two, carry copies of prescriptions in case you need refills along your trip.

Destination China: See Giant Panda at home PDF Print E-mail

Giant Panda

Natural Giant Panda habitats are in only a few areas of China today, and one is in the central mountain areas, primarily in the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. In order to preserve the highly-endangered animal, the Chinese government maintains a protected station, which includes a Giant Panda breeding facility and visitor center in the Bifeng Valley in Sichuan.

They're located in picturesque areas some 900 miles from Beijing. There are frequent flights, bus and train excursions from the nation's capital and other Chinese cities to the Bifeng Valley. There are also convenient hotels near the Giant Panda facility, including the Hongzhu, Beite Xingyue Binguan (Moonstar) and even a familiar-sounding Super 8 motel, called the Yibin Lu Neng.

Mamounia Hotel reopens in Marrakech Morrocco PDF Print E-mail

After a long restoration and makeover, one of the greatest hotels in the world has reopened.  We have been to Marrakech and spent time there, it's truly a life changing experience.   Here's a great article on the new changes from AP.

They're still out there serving for you PDF Print E-mail

Soldiers with flag

Don’t forget the young men and women who are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you’re a family member or school pal, a friendly note is always welcome, along with a thoughtful gift from those of us who appreciate their service to our country.

Therapeutic mud baths, Dead Sea, Israel PDF Print E-mail

Mud bath


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