Flying Auto: The Prototype May Be Here, But....

Can you remember way back when comic strip artists and movie moguls pictured flying cars? The idea was driving out of your garage onto the road, and then, to beat the traffic, take to the sky. Actually, Henry Ford predicted it way back in 1940.

Despite all the advances in jet engines, computers and just about everything else, this dream never happened. Well, at least not until now.

According to Yahoo News, a Slovakian company's prototype, Aeromobil 2.5, really works and can rev up to 90 mph and take off into the skies. It will then cruise at 120 mph over all the stalled traffic below for distances up to 430 miles.

The practical use is still in the distant future, because flying cars will revolutionize traffic controls and other  regulations for both air and ground transportation systems. Of course, we senior auto drivers will be easy to identify when we take to the air. Our turn signals will always be blinking. For more information, go to airomobil.com

Retired? There Are Many Options for Cheap Travel PDF Print E-mail
Retired? Travel Too Expensive?

(ARA) - Given the current economic climate, cutting back has become a way of life for many Americans. Retirees, in particular, are looking at ways to stretch the shrinking dollars in their portfolios. Common techniques for reducing expenditures include eating out less, incorporating energy-saving devices and routines in the home and eliminating or curtailing such things as club memberships and season tickets.
Five Ways to Make 50-Plus the Best Years of Your Life PDF Print E-mail
Five Ways to Make 50-Plus the Best Years of Your Life

(ARA) - You’re getting older, it’s true. But it’s how you get older that matters. Being afraid of it is like being afraid of getting more channels on your TV: It can be a little disorienting at first (do I watch ESPN 1, ESPN 2 or ESPN 3?), but all the new choices offer a great opportunity for exploration.
Senior Grand Canyon Adventure: The Mule Ride That Never Was PDF Print E-mail

We looked forward to the experience as we drove to Arizona’s Grand Canyon last summer. Usually all motel rooms, cabins and dorms are sold out weeks in advance throughout the entire Canyon area. We arrived to check in a day earlier than our reservation called for, and thought we’d have to spend the night in our car. However, we were lucky to be put up in a very basic dorm cabin with the communal bathroom down the hall.

The dorm has a fantastic location, because the Canyon edge was only about 20 feet out the back door. If we had been sleepwalkers, it could have been disastrous. Another mistake was that we thought we’d just saunter over to the start of the Bright Angel Trail bright and early the next morning and join the famous Canyon mule ride.


Relaxing on deck during a senior cruise PDF Print E-mail
Cruise ship relaxation
David in Florence PDF Print E-mail
David in Florence

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