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Your cruise can result in exciting new experiences

Making lasting friendships on a cruise depends on what type of people connection you’re seeking. Will it be just to be friends, or something deeper and warmer? The easiest way to make friends on board is to take the initiative and start up conversations at the pool, spa, bingo game, exercises class, buffet line, the dress-up evening sit-down dinner or any other of the scores of events that bring passengers together.

Often the results of striking up spontaneous connections at sea can be very enjoyable. There’s something about the happy mood of a cruise that makes ordinarily solitary people want to gather together, meet and talk. It could be the warm feelings of sharing a unique sailing adventure together while surrounded by the vast sparkling waters of the ocean.

There are many ways to make people connections at sea. For example, if you’re a man, ask yourself: are you looking for a new pal, someone to share your enjoyment of golf, politics, Texas hold ‘em poker and/or major league baseball? When you're looking to meet new guys on the cruise, you could seek out those fellow shipboard travelers who have similar educations, careers, military and other backgrounds.


If you’re a woman on a cruise seeking friendship with other women, you may want to meet up with sympathetic new companions who also enjoy such activities as theater, history, literature, music or other common interests. For all of your new at-sea acquaintances, you may also choose to assure follow-up communications after the cruise by exchanging addresses, cell phone numbers and email addresses. Typically, on the last day of every cruise, many new friends promise sincerely to keep in touch. Some do, but others don’t.

Probably the most interesting type of friendship may be when you're seeking to meet new people on a cruise to begin a romantic connection. This can be either for a lasting relationship or just for the time aboard together. If you’re single, or pretending to be single for the duration of the journey, there are many opportunities to meet and get acquainted with new people.

While the best chances are on specific singles-only cruises, most other sailings also attract large numbers of singles, too, all looking for friendship or more so while at sea. A shared dinner together or a moonlight walk can do wonders for romantic moods.

To make lasting friendships on a cruise, whether romantic or otherwise, you can do it best by mixing freely during the many events that are ongoing everywhere aboard day and night.


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