How Seniors Can Cope When Snow Interrupts Travels PDF Print E-mail

As usual, there are many frustrations and delays during this winter travel season because of heavy weather conditions. If you’re traveling and find yourself snowbound in your hotel or aboard your cruise ship, you don’t have to just sit on your bed and gripe about it. Go outside and join in on the fun. It should be easy finding some going on nearby. Let that inner child you once were many years ago come out and enjoy the day with all the rest of the kids. Just be sure to dress warm and stay dry on the outside, and maybe a shot of some inside warmth could be helpful, too. Some ideas:

Five Ways to Warm Up a Romantic Getaway PDF Print E-mail

There’s an old, old Q&A joke: Q: When you’re in bed in a romantic situation, do you ever tell your wife (husband) you love her (him)?
A: Of course, if there’s a phone near the motel bed.

This article for older, married couples certainly won’t recommend such cheating shenanigans. Our recommendations intend to entice you to spend some quality time time alone together to renew the love and togetherness of those earlier days.

The Good Old Days of Cruising Are Back PDF Print E-mail

The happenings on Wall Street and in the auto industry are stark reminders that 2009 will be a tough year. However, there is a ray of light coming out of all that gloom. With deep cuts in prices, cruise lines are becoming as affordable as they were back in the heyday when movie stars and royalty set sail in style on the old Queen Mary and other luxury liners.


The Most Exciting Gambling Joints in the World PDF Print E-mail

Vegas boasts world-class entertainment, every kind of international food, luxurious hotels, all kinds of gambling, fantastic pools and upscale shops. You'll enjoy all the elements of Sin City along with millions of other seniors in sensible shoes, canes, wheelchairs, walkers and go-carts.

Humor: Dozen Ways To Tell If Your Hotel Room Isn't Quite Up To Par PDF Print E-mail

All traveling seniors have had the experience. We see an enticing ad for a beautiful hotel, accompanied by colorful photos of its upscale facilities. We book it and when we arrive at our luxury suite, we find:


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