Seniors Who've Served: Want to See the Old GI Gang Again? PDF Print E-mail

How many of our TRAVEL55PLUS.COM readers can remember seeing a reunion of living Civil War veterans. I was part of a high school cadet corps in 1941 that marched in a Philly parade honoring survivors of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic). More than 76 years after the War Between the States had ended, some 20 very old guys in faded Union uniforms marched with us or rode in open cars. Their ages ranged from 90 to 105. Military reunions have always been important events to veterans, as men and women returned from all the wars wanted to meet together their old buddies annually to relive old times.

Senior Flyers: Choose to Snooze in the Air PDF Print E-mail

It may not be like a sunny day lolling in the warm grass, but there are things you can do to make that flight so comfy you can drift off to dreamland. First, of course, if you’re flying economy, the problem is that your seat has been designed more for waterboarding than comfort. However, there are ways to relieve the situation. Here are some suggestions: When you fly airlines that assign seats, call as early as you can and ask for a window seat. It’s the roomiest of the cramped tourist area, suffers no aisle traffic nor overweight seatmates climbing over you, and you can lean up against the bulkhead to snooze.

Stuck Seniors: What To Do If On a Delayed Flight PDF Print E-mail

Just recently an Aeromexico flight scheduled to take off for Seattle, Washington, sat for 16 hours on the tarmac. When it finally did get in the air, because of thick fog, it landed in Portland, Oregon. Then, once the flight landed In Portland, the passengers were held aboard for another four hours, because the airport claimed the flight was totally unexpected, and there weren’t enough customs agents there that day to check the passengers from Mexico back into the US.

Senior Romantics: Send Valentine Gift of Love to a GI PDF Print E-mail
Along with loving greetings to your family loved ones, why not also send a Valentine Day “I love you” note or useful gift to a serviceman or woman. It doesn’t matter if they’re deployed overseas or in a lonely post in the US. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. Considering the time snailmail takes to get through, you should do it right away.
Senior Hints: If Deal Sounds Too Good, It Ain't! PDF Print E-mail

There’s an old cliché that seniors are the most vulnerable to scams, because they’re more trusting than younger people. However, the biggest scam in history, Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme bilked millions out of supposedly aware younger people like actor Kevin Bacon, producers Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katsenberg, as well as other wealthy suckers.


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