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In “A Tale of Two Cities”, Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” Those words seems to fit today’s luxury hotel business dilemma. It can be the best of times for the senior traveler, while the worst of times for those overpriced posh palaces we could never before afford. At least until now.

It’s in the news daily, and now you see it in the newspaper, on TV and online ads. Prices are down, particularly in the upscale hotels. In addition to the general slowdown in the national economy, the big hotels have been hit by guilty consciences. There has been a drastic drop in conference and convention business in Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and other former luxury destinations for big business travel.

Travel Tip: In Case of Possible Loss, Duplicate All Your Important Stuff PDF Print E-mail

We know this will come as quite a shock to you senior sojourners, but there are some thieves out there in travel land. Wallets and purses somehow find a way to disappear, either from being swiped or just accidentally left behind in hotel rooms, restauranst, taxis or airplanes.

So, if your purse or wallet get lost while you’re traveling, you don’t need the extra panic of trying to remember all the information on your important cards and papers that could be gone forever. So, before you leave home, use your scanner and printer to copy all of those important items. They may not help to recover your lost items, especially if they’ve been stolen, but they will help you remember precisely what you’ve lost.  

Keep the duplicates in a safe place at home or in your bank security box. Then, if you lose the originals, you can use the copies temporarily until the new cards and papers arrive.

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Six Extra Costs to Consider On Your Next Cruise PDF Print E-mail

No doubt at all: cruises are still the best all-inclusive, all-around vacation values. However, those bargain prices and never-ending free midnight buffets don’t pay for the enormous expenses of running a big ocean liner. When you board your next ship, consider the fuel, maintenance, repairs, repainting, crew salaries, food supplies and all the other high costs.

You know the $500 you pay for that three-night, all-inclusive sailing can’t possibly do much to add to the profits of the cruise line. So, how do they make money from you? The extras, of course. Here are some extra expenses you’ll need to consider on your next cruise. If you’re very frugal, you don’t have to spend money on any of them. However, in the spirit of fun and what-the-hell cruises give you, and knowing the extras are there to help the  cruise line make a profit, you may consider none, some or all of them.

How to Howl When Travel Plans Go Wrong PDF Print E-mail

Most people who have glitches in their travels that are no fault of their own don’t howl enough about it. They simply accept it as Murphy’s Law, or at most, they write a complaint letter to the airline, hotel or cruise line. Then, after they get the canned apology response, that’s the end of it.

We did the useless complaint letter routine last year when we (age 71 and 82) ran into snarly clerks at the Marriott in the Tampa FL airport. Our flight arrived early and we had four hours to wait until a family member would pick us up. We asked if we could put our arthritic rumps on the upholstered sofas in the hotel lobby. They snapped that only guests could sit there. We certainly didn’t want to pay the $3oo inflated nightly charge to spend a couple of hours in the lobby or in a room. So, we sat on a couple of uncomfortable iron benches just about 20 steps from the hotel lobby’s soft and empty seats.

Five Tips on How to Make Flying Cheap Feel Like First Class PDF Print E-mail

Before I retired, my company conference & travel department always booked my flights business or first class. Nice, comfy and relaxing. But now that I’m on my own, I’m not too willing to pay double or triple the tourist airfare, and just do it by cheapest.

However, that doesn’t mean I must be miserable back there with all the other flying peasants. There are ways to make the flight more bearable, and be almost as comfy as those rich yoyos up there in the plush seats sipping free champagne, while paying three times as much for the flight as you are. Here are just a few hints.


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