Seniors: Not Just For the Holidays: Help Our GIs Throughout the Year PDF Print E-mail

We hope our senior readers will be enjoying their travels this year, and we’ll continue to do our best to provide quality information, reviews and suggestions. However, young men and women in our Armed Forces will be traveling in 2009 for different, often dangerous reasons. If you’ve sent presents or greetings to those special members of your family and others in uniform during the holiday season, please don’t just stop there.

Senior Travelers' Top Ten New Year's Resolutions PDF Print E-mail

Senior Travelers: Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

I swear on my Morocco-bound original copy of “Gulliver’s Travels” that in this brand new year, I will:

1. Visit a local department store during its big after-holidays sale, where I can find peace and quiet and be totally alone by myself.

Senior Travelers With Disabilities: Tips to Make the Journey Easier PDF Print E-mail

1. At age 83, while not disabled, I have difficulty walking, especially coping with the hectic rush and crush of swarming humanity in airports, train and bus stations. I recommend that all disabled and aging passengers get notes from their doctors on official stationery, giving details of the patients’ conditions.

Senior Travel Tips: Pack Absolute Minimum, Then Leave Half of That Home PDF Print E-mail

I traveled frequently on business for 50 years, and since retirement my spouse and I still wander away from home and hearth at least once a month for pleasure. After considerable experience and doing all the possible over-packing mistakes travelers can make, we have some very simple rules. We hope they'll help others travel lighter and happier:


Senior Health - How To Avoid Stomach Issues When Traveling PDF Print E-mail

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some form of diarrhea hits nearly half of all seniors who venture far away from home. Jokesters call it Montezuma's revenge, but when it happens to you, there’s nothing funny about it. There are three basic kinds of diarrhea: viral, bacterial and, especially for traveling seniors, sudden changes in eating habits. The kind that hits most often is bacterial, and named for the ancient Mexican emperor because it comes from unclean foods, traditionally from the land south of our border.


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