Should You Hit the Road Instead of Flying for the Holidays? PDF Print E-mail

Remember the old song you sang as Dad drove his ‘49 Chevvy “over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go”? Maybe it’s worth driving instead of flying to your holiday destination this year. No long lines waiting to be frisked by airport security. No sitting in crowded terminals for hours because of delayed flights. No parking or taxi fees. No lugging luggage all over the airport and paying extra if it is overweight.

Top Ten Health and Safety Tips for Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

The last thing you need on your winter trip is getting sick. But, hey, you have to admit it. You're no longer as as young as you once were, and just leaving the house can be hazardous to a senior’s health. Therefore, traveling far away multiplies those dangers, especially travel during the winter months. Here are some trip tips for making your next going-away venture healthier and safer.

Humor: Hints You've Booked a Really Cheap Flight PDF Print E-mail

With the busy year-end holiday season arriving, most senior travelers are looking for ways to beat the high cost of flying. So, we consult with Priceline and Expedia and look at all the airline ads, hoping we can find the best prices aloft. However, we should be careful that we don’t choose the wrong airline for our holiday flying, and here are some ways to know when that happens:

Really Hot Winter Destinations for Seniors Who Really Hate Snow PDF Print E-mail

When I was younger, I lived in a cold climate, and winter was a fun time for shoveling snow and trying to keep my car from sliding into a tree or an oncoming truck. I did lots of sledding with my kids on the hill behind our house, but while they enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait until I was back in the house to warm my frozen extremities.

AEROCHANNEL.COM Gets You To and Though The Airport FASTER PDF Print E-mail

We like any site that will either get us to or get us through the airport faster.  Aerochannel.com is an information website that offers all kinds of airport specific info.


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