Senior Romantics: Send Valentine Gift of Love to a GI PDF Print E-mail
Along with loving greetings to your family loved ones, why not also send a Valentine Day “I love you” note or useful gift to a serviceman or woman. It doesn’t matter if they’re deployed overseas or in a lonely post in the US. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. Considering the time snailmail takes to get through, you should do it right away.
Senior Hints: If Deal Sounds Too Good, It Ain't! PDF Print E-mail

There’s an old cliché that seniors are the most vulnerable to scams, because they’re more trusting than younger people. However, the biggest scam in history, Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme bilked millions out of supposedly aware younger people like actor Kevin Bacon, producers Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katsenberg, as well as other wealthy suckers.

Seniors: Stay Safe During Cold-weather Months PDF Print E-mail

(ARA) - Information is key to helping America’s seniors successfully navigate the cold weather months -- a time that can pose a variety of health and safety challenges.

Senior Suggestions: Eat Sensibly When Away From Home PDF Print E-mail

Maybe when you were in your teens, you could scarf down anything at any time, anywhere, day or night. When at the big game, out with the gang, doing birthday bashes, midnight buffets, jalapeno chili, pizza and whatever. You had a bit of heartburn on the morning after, but you’d be OK by noon, and ready to start on another round of eating stuff that would kill you today. Most of us seasoned citizens have made it this far because we discovered moderation before all the bad food got to us. However, when we travel, we’re often tempted to get off the track of sensible eating.

What To Do When Your Hotel Claims It's Overbooked PDF Print E-mail

You called in your room request long in advance, gave your credit card information and the hotel confirmed by email a guaranteed reservation number. But, after a long, tiring flight, you arrive and the front desk clerk tells you there’s no room for you. The lame excuses start. The hotel’s all booked up solid, and many people who were supposed to check out decided to stay another night. So sorry. However, he can get you a room at a hotel nearby. Of course, the rate is a bit higher ... etc ... etc.


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