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We get frequent letters from single seniors who’ve done a lot of cruises with friends and families. We’ve been a bit surprised that so many, especially from women, ask about spicing up their next ocean voyage by sharing it with someone new and romantic.

If you’re in this situation, try the internet. Cyberspace isn’t just for kids meeting other kids. There are scads of websites that encourage seniors to meet seniors, and as eHarmony and other online dating ads always claim, you can find someone, somewhere to match your own common interests. And just maybe, your romantic fantasies.

Romeo and Juliet


Our suggestions are fairly simple for a woman in this situation. Before you start, be sure you know how to protect your personal privacy and safety before you give out all kinds of information about you on the internet. If you’re into the photo or video online dating scene, do it with a reputable site.

When you find someone you believe could be compatible to your expectations, keep it cool. If your new friend lives in or near your city, suggest first a meeting at a neutral spot, a restaurant, museum, library, a park bench or whevever you’d feel safe.

If things go well at that first meeting, continue the online correspondence and, if you believe it is OK, make plans for heavier dates. Schedule concerts, movies, upscale restaurants, a picnic in the park, when and wherever you feel you can spend several getting-to-know-you hours together.

The next step is the critical decision as to whether you want to invite him to join you on a cruise. We suggest you try to ease into it by inviting him on a weekend, three-night sailing. There are many scheduled out of Boston, New York, Philly, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Galveston, Los Angeles, San Diego and other coastal cities. If you want to keep it cool, tell him you’ll book two cabins. Since it was your idea, you may choose to ask him to be your guest and you’ll pay for the cruise. Of course, this also applies to single men seeking cruise companions.

If the short cruise works out well, suggest plans for a longer one together to share a shipboard suite. That’s as far as www.travel55plus.com can suggest. The rest is up to you.

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