Winter Getting to You? Surf Your Way to a Warm Place PDF Print E-mail

Remember those frozen winter days not so many years ago, when you couldn’t take all the ice and snow any longer? You stuck that damned shovel into the nearest snowbank, revved up your ‘79 Chevvy and skidded down to the local travel agency. After leafing through the daily newspaper vacation ads and a dozen brochures, you decided to fly to some warm spot, paid the deposit, then skidded back home to pack. Then, maybe a week or two later, you’d be on your way to the airport to board that big TWA 707.

Senior Travel: Should You Go Alone or in Groups? PDF Print E-mail

I enjoy traveling alone, but now that I’m getting up in years, I doubt if I’ll be able to do it much longer. Heading out all by yourself without worrying about others, schedules or deadlines is the best way to go. It certainly has its advantages, as long as you can handle the physical requirements and challenges. When I was a very young guy in the Navy, going ashore with the gang was fine, but I always felt I was then forced to do what everyone else decided for me. I had enough of following orders aboard ship, and when on my own, preferred traveling alone. Not that I was such a goodie swabbie, but I never drank nor smoked. Everywhere the gang wanted to go, including restaurants and clubs, was full of choking smoke and sloshing drunks.

Senior Sailor: Is That Really The Cruise For You? PDF Print E-mail

While most major cruise lines do their best to make all trip enjoyable experiences, not all cruises are equal. First, of course, go to the internet to check passenger critiques from previous cruises on the same ship, and if they report poor maintenance, bad sanitary conditions, lousy food and other negatives. If so, look elsewhere for your cruise. In fact, once signed up, even before you board, understand all your options.

Humor: How Senior Woman Cruisers Can Tell If The Guy Is Lying PDF Print E-mail

Every senior who signs up for a singles cruise hopes for a shipboard romance, maybe as happened in the Cary Grant-Deborah Kerr 1957 movie, “An Affair to Remember.” Some succeed, and as in ads for eHarmony.com, they marry and live happily ever after. However, often under the moonlight on a sparkling sea, many fall for false stories told by single, or say they’re single, senior guys. Traditionally, most singles cruise fibbers are guys, but not all. To help you sort out the phonies from the realies on your next singles cruise, here’s some advice:

Senior Tips: Courtesy & Consideration For Other Air Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Air travel etiquette doesn't start after you board your flight. There are also some simple courtesy rules you should follow while waiting in the airport. The most annoying offender is the obnoxious character sitting next to you yakking at full voice on the cell phone just two inches away from your ear. These days, almost every traveler needs to use the handy cell phone, to keep up with the latest at home, office and schedules. However, for the sake of everyone around you in the airport waiting area, when using your cell phone, go find yourself to a quiet corner. Then you can yell, squawk and scream as loud as you want, as long as you're away from other people's ears.


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