Travel Troubles: Five steps to take if your I.D. has been stolen PDF Print E-mail

The very first thing you must do about credit card or I.D. theft is to do everything possible to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. Study up on security information from your credit card company and look for credit card protection suggestion from experts on the internet.

When you’re traveling, keep your credit card in a secure pocket of your purse or wallet, preferably one with a zipper or velcro-closing tape. If you have any suspicions about your credit card number or other I.D. possibly being stolen when paying in a store, restaurant or other retail situation, pay in cash, report it immediately.

It's never a good idea to give your credit card to a friend and allow him or her to use it to buy anything. Keep a copy of your credit card number or a Xerox of all I.D. cards in a secure place at home. Keep handy in your wallet or purse a copy of the emergency 800 number of your credit card company. One more suggestion is to keep a low max limit of your allowable credit card purchase total; for instance $1,000 to $2,000.

All of that said, there are at least five important steps to take when your credit card is accidentally lost, or when it or its number has been stolen.

Javelinas can be dangerous to curious tourists in Arizona & Mexico PDF Print E-mail

There was a recent story on our local TV news programs about two dogs that were gored to death by javelinas (pronounced hah-veleenas). In another case, a woman tourist filed a law suit against Saguaro National Forest because she was severely bitten while playing golf on a local course by a mother javelina.

Not many people outside of Mexico and the U.S. Southwest know about these desert animals. They closely resemble hairy, wild pigs, but are actually a rodent species. And they can be very bad-tempered when aroused.

Ten tips on how to make airport check-in & wait easier PDF Print E-mail

Airport check-in processes are inconvenient even on the rare occasions when they go smoothly. We can’t help being angry about it, because the tight security was totally unnecessary when we flew in earlier years.

It started in the 1970s when a bunch of freaks decided hijacking, killing innocent people, blowing up their own insane butts and destroying commercial aircraft would advance their crazy causes.

Particularly since 9/11/01, the security agony continues for every flight to anywhere. That said, there are ways to make your own check-in process easier. While you can’t do anything to change the security system, you can take personal steps to help get through it with a minimum of &%$#§ (choose your own curse word) frustration. Here are some suggestions:

Travel55plus is Always on the Lookout for Great Travel Bargains PDF Print E-mail
Top10links, a website that specializes in rating various businesses, including online services, recently listed its choices of the best online travel agencies. They’re rankings were:
1. Expedia
2. Priceline
3. Hotwire
4. Cheap Tickets
5. Orbitz
6. Travelocity
7. OneTravel
8. Places To Stay
9. Travel Now
10. Lowestfare

Travel55plus somewhat agrees with the ratings, maybe with a leapfrog or two in ranking, but all of the agencies are hotly competing for senior travel business. With air, cruise and hotel prices at their lowest level in years, savvy seniors can surf the internet to find the very best bargains.

Before you book your next travel plans, check with your favorite online agency and you’ll be happy and surprised with the great deals you’ll find.Sailors on watch
Travel Humor: How to Sleep & Eat in Manhattan For Free! PDF Print E-mail

Psst, do ya wanna have fun in Manhattan without spending a cent? And if you do it right, you may actually make money. First, a change in costume is required. You've heard all the experts advising dress for success. Well, for a free happy time in the Big Apple, you must dress for failure. With the nation’s economy in a tailspin these days, maybe it won’t be so difficult to do for many of we stock-market-crashed seniors.

If you’re a senior guy, put away that neat suit and tie. If you’re a lady of a certain maturity, go to a charity store and choose the most ragged, over-sized, baggy clothing you can get, including a large fedora hat or cap. If everything’s tattered, torn and unwashed, so much the better. Additionally, if your senior face, hair and other features look tattered and worn, that would be perfect.


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