Seniors, You Can Do It! Lose Weight & Stay Fit While Traveling PDF Print E-mail

First, if you’re going on a four-meal-a-day cruise or to buffet-crazy Vegas, you’ll probably forget everything I write here. On the the other hand, maybe this year you’ll make up your mind to travel with a sensible healthy diet and exercise strategy. It sounds very simple. Just eat lower portions of low-calorie food and get regular daily exercise.

Senior Travelers: Check Xlnt Websites To Plan Your Next Venture PDF Print E-mail

With travel costs dropping way down from their impossible heights during the past several years, now’s a great time for savvy seniors to do some homework. Turn on your computer and phone to get the very best possible bargains for springtime getaways. Forget list price, rack price, posted price, Vincent Price, deep discounts and last-minute deals. Go in with eyes and ears open for bargains and grab ‘em while they last.

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Senior Dilemma: You Fly, But Your Bags Sail Off Elsewhere PDF Print E-mail

First of all, it doesn't have to happen. Simply, just don't check any luggage! When we first retired 15 years ago, we traveled with enough bags to qualify as movie stars. Big suitcases, over-the-shoulder bags, cosmetic cases, dress bags, suit bags, whatever. Then, after several were lost and others came off the airport carousel smashed or with valuables pilfered, we got smart.

Senior Air Travel Courtesy: Don't Drive The Other Passengers Nuts PDF Print E-mail

Air travel etiquette starts before you board your flight. Some simple courtesy rules apply while waiting in the airport. The most annoying offender is the obnoxious character sitting next to you yakking at full voice on the cell phone just two inches away from your ear.These days, almost every traveler needs a handy cell phone to keep up with the latest at home, office and friends. However, for the sake of everyone around you in the waiting area, when using your cell phone, go find yourself to a quiet corner. Then you can yell, squawk and scream as loud as you want, as long as you're away from other people's ears.

Ten Money-Saving Tips For Senior Travelers PDF Print E-mail

Fortunately, high travel prices from the past several years are beginning to slip down to almost reasonable levels, so be on the alert more than ever for bargains. Find ways to save money on the trail without sacrificing any of the enjoyment. Here are a few tips:


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